Case Studies

SocialMadeSimple delivers social media marketing services to diverse brands and clients. Take a look through a few of our marketing and advertising case studies to get a feel for the results we generate.
Franchise BusinessSingle-Location


Lawn Care Franchise

See how we help Weed Man generate consistent, low-cost leads that convert & increase off-season conversion opportunities.

Mosquito Control Franchise

See how we help Mosquito Hero generate qualified leads at $18 cost per lead. 

Staffing Agency

See how we help NEXTAFF generate over 130,000 new job applicants at an average cost-per-lead of $9.

Children’s Fitness Franchise

See how we help Kidokinetics generate 180+ leads in 90 days.

Yoga Franchise

See how Honor Yoga generated over 400 leads in 90-days with our franchise pilot program.

Artifical Grass Franchise

See how we help Purchase Green Artifical Grass generate 25 booked appointments during our 90-day pilot program. 

Pest Management 


See how we help Pestmaster Services increase brand awareness and generate new customers.

Medical Partnership

See how we provide white-labeled social media services for over 1,600 medical practices.

Youth Fitness Franchise

See how we help Ultimate Ninjas generate 300+ summer camp sign-ups during our 90-day pilot program.

Quick Service Restaurant Franchise

See how we help Pita Pit generate online orders and increase brand awareness with BOGO ads.

Flooring Franchise

See how we help Floor Coverings International close over $35,000 in sales in just 90 days.

Real Estate

See how our real estate lead generation solution drives agents consistent leads at an average $15 cost per lead.

Senior Care

See how we help Preferred Care at Home build brand awareness and drive qualified leads through targeted social marketing.

Fitness Franchise

See how we use social media to help a fitness franchise grow from 10 to over 340 location.

Bakery Franchise

See how we help Great Harvest Bread Company generate page likes and increase brand awareness.

Exterior Home Cleaning

See how Men In Kilts generates sales leads and job applications with franchise social media marketing.

Insurance Franchise

See how we help Pronto Insurance generate leads at $11 cost per lead.

Learning Center Franchise

See how we help Gideon Math & Reading Center schedule affordable student evaluations and increase brand awareness.

Women’s Fitness Franchise

See how we help Curves generate 170+ leads in 90 days.

Ice Cream Franchise

See how we help Milkster Nitrogren Creamery generate claimed discount offers and messeneger conversations during our 90-day pilot program.



See how we help AAA Prescott Insurance Agency grow their Facebook audience and generate a consistent flow of qualified leads.


See how we help FRED FIRE, a niche fire extinguisher company, generate an average of 86 qualified leads per month.

Home Improvement

See how we help Versa Lift reach over 2 million users on Facebook & Instagram.


See how we help Thatch Jewelry significantly increase their website traffic and e-commerce sales.

Outdoor Products & Services

See how we help Walpole Outdoors generate over $45,000 in net revenue using social media.

Mobile App

See how we help SpenDebt, a financial mobile application, increase brand awareness and generate app sign-ups.


See how we help Marco Islands Vacation Properties drive website traffic, increase brand awareness, and book more vacation rentals.

Continuing Education

See how we help The Heritage Institute find consistent, qualified teachers looking to purchase professional development courses.


See how we help Pillar College increase brand awareness and generate high-quality leads in the form of student applicants.

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