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Use the platform that enables SocialMadeSimple to manage thousands of clients with ease. SocialModo is the way social marketing is meant to be managed.

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Social Media Calendar
Content Scheduling

A visual content calendar and drag-n-drop editor allow for quick and simple content scheduling, weeks in advance.

  • Visual Content Calendar
  • Integrate Your Social Networks
  • Craft Engaging Content
  • Optimized Scheduling & Delivery

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Customer Engagement

With one simplified inbox you can respond to messages and comments across all of your connected networks. 

  • One Unified Inbox
  • Content Suggestions
  • Powerful Twitter Search
  • Post Engagement

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Measuring Performance

Whether it’s evaluating post performance or reviewing page and audience growth, you can do it all. 

  • A Dynamic Dashboard
  • Detailed Post Insights
  • Growth & Demographic Trends
  • Email Updates & Notifications

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Content Scheduling

Visual Content Calendar

Visualize weeks or months of posts from one clean view. Drag and drop your posts, preview content without clicking, and much, much more. You’ll wish you found this sooner.

Integrate Your Networks

Connect your social networks with just a few clicks to get started. Easily toggle networks or schedule to all of your pages with each post. Character counts, link previews, and more.

Craft Engaging Content

Whether you’re using our dynamic content library or creating posts from scratch, you can add engaging imagery, links with thumbnail previews, and a library of emojis to each post you create.

Optimized Scheduling and Delivery

Ensure that your content performs optimally by using auto-schedule to post at the right time. Schedule out weeks of posts, completely optimized in just minutes.

socialmodo content calendar
socialmodo social media engagement

Customer Engagement 

One Unified Inbox

Manage your messages, comments, and interactions all from one place. Cut down on time spent engaging with your audience and customers across all of your networks.

Content Suggestions

With a system that automatically sources content relevant for your industry, you’ll be able to stay on top of trending stories. Add your own brand’s perspective to establish credibility when it matters most.

Powerful Twitter Search

Using our intuitive tools, you can set up pre-set Twitter searches that show you users who are tweeting phrases you’re interested in. Jump right into the conversation to answer their questions or promote your product as a solution.

Post Engagement

Don’t have time to monitor your posts for comments and questions? Whether it’s from your inbox or your post view, you’ll be able to see all of the comments and engagements taking place – and respond from there.

Measuring Performance

A Dynamic Dashboard

With a clean, easy-to-use dashboard, you’ll find the insight you’re looking for right away. Change time periods, networks, and dig into your post performance all at once.

Detailed Post Insights

Your dashboard will show you which content performed best over a period of time, how many engagements you’re receiving, and even what times of day are performing best for your posts.

Growth and Demographic Trends

Never lose sight of the big picture by measuring your page’s growth over time, your reach broken down by network, and the regions and demographics of users you’re reaching in your content.

Email Updates and Notifications

If you’re looking to get quick updates on performance, we’ve got you covered. Receive a summary of your monthly performance including post reach, engagements, growth, and more, straight to your inbox.

SocialModo platform analytics

Everything you need for social. 

Nothing you don’t. 

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We use SocialModo to…
  • Manage our clients’ social networks
  • Curate and create engaging social content
  • Schedule social post weeks in advance
  • Create and optimize world-class paid advertisements
  • Monitor campaign performance and engagement
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Clients use SocialModo to…
  • Manage their brand’s social presence
  • Curate and create personalized content
  • Schedule posts to all of their social networks
  • Engage with messages, comments & interactions
  • Monitor real-time campaign performance 24/7

SocialModo has powered social for more than 30,000 brands

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