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Remote Work Works So Well That I Don’t Want To Go Back To The Office

Remote work isn’t a new concept. Telecommunications has been around since the 1980s when the internet was first utilized for business purposes. However, it wasn’t until the 2000s when in-home internet was popularized that remote work started to take off.    The...

SocialMadeSimple Launches National COVID-19 Restaurant Relief Initiative

BOSTON, MA — SocialMadeSimple announced today the launch of an unprecedented Restaurant Relief Initiative which will offer FREE social marketing assistance to restaurants affected by COVID-19.

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Adjusting Your Social Media Strategy During COVID-19

With the current state of COVID-19, your business goals have likely changed a bit. In this article, we have outlined how to adjust your social media strategy to better suit your goals and target audience. It’s crucial to stay on your feet to adapt to the situation.

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How To Identify Your Marketing Audience

How To Identify Your Marketing Audience

A key component of any business or social media strategy is identifying the target audience. Knowing what your ideal customer looks like can help you create content that you know they will like.    Why Do I Need to Know My Target Customer?    Knowing what...

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Setting SMART Social Media Goals

Setting SMART Social Media Goals

Crafting a social media strategy, in many ways, is similar to crafting a business plan. And, the goals portion of both plans are no different. You want to first come up with the main goal for your campaign. For many businesses, this is the sale of an item or service...

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