Case Study

Nutrishop Franchise Marketing Pilot

How SocialMadeSimple used social media to boost in-store foot traffic for 4 Nutrishop locations.


Days in Pilot Program


Customers Reached 


Franchise Locations Participated

Nutrishop is a US-based franchise that is focused on selling health and wellness supplements and services to its customers.

Four locations participated in our 90-day Social Media Pilot Program, where our goal was to increase brand awareness and educate potential customers on current offers to boost in-store foot traffic.

Today, we are a preferred social media vendor for Nutrishop.

Content Posts

Strategy Implementation

We posted 3x per week to each Nutrishop location’s Facebook and Instagram page to increase brand awareness and engagement. 

The content posts highlighted their premier customer service, overall health and wellness, in-store promo codes, and other topics that positioned Nutrishop as a trusted leader.

Boosted Posts

Utilizing SocialModo, we turn high-performing content into boosted posts, serving them to a targeted audience beyond existing followers.

Advertising: Brand Awareness

Strategy Implementation

During the first two months of Nutrishop’s pilot program, we ran brand awareness campaigns to drive website traffic and in-store visits.

The ad campaigns focused on promotional offers to drive store visits. We utilized tracking code to build future retargeting audiences and keep a record of who clicked on the ads.


We placed localized ads in front of highly targeted audiences by utilizing various combinations of the following criteria.

  • Customers Lists
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Geo-targeting: 10-mile radius of each location
  • Interest-based: nutrition, gyms, personal growth, weightlifting, supplements, etc.

Advertising: Lead Generation

Strategy Implementation

For the last month and a half of the Nutrishop pilot program, we shifted 100% of the ad budget to lead generation campaigns directly on Facebook and Instagram.

The ad campaigns focused on persuading individuals to sign up for location-specific Nutrishop challenges.

Lead Forms

The lead forms allowed Nutrishop to collect challenge sign-ups directly on Facebook and Instagram. Forms are completely customizable and make it seamless for users to sign up, resulting in high conversion rates and a low Cost-Per-Lead.


With SocialMadeSimple’s platform, SocialModo, Nutrishop franchisees have the ability to view and manage their content calendar, campaign stats, and aggregated messages across Facebook and Instagram in real time with 24/7 access.



We send emails bi-weekly to Nutrishop franchisees for feedback and approval.



Each franchisee receives detailed reports via email and their analytics dashboards.

Social Networks

Posts are scheduled and published to each location’s Facebook and Instagram.



Nutrishop’s dedicated Client Success Manager is available for phone or email support.

90-Day Results

Through the success of SocialMadeSimple’s 90-day Pilot Program, each Nutrishop franchisee generated a consistent flow of in-store traffic, customer leads, and increased brand awareness. Following the pilot program, we became the preferred social media vendor for Nutrishop USA.

Boosted Content








Posts Published









Cost Per Lead

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