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Handcrafted Content, Distribution & Advertising Automation Equals Brand Leverage via Social Networks for Franchises, Branches, Retailers, Agents, Loan Officers, Etc.


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Your Brand

We turn your network of locations or salespeople into a powerful, white-label consumer marketing channel to drive consistent messaging everywhere you do business.
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Your Locations & Retailers

We are a done-for-them social marketing solution with a unique and personalized stream of content promoted to the right audience to drive measurable results.
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I had a problem with my retailers either not using social media at all or posting ugly images, political opinions, and other off-brand content. SocialMadeSimple has helped us reign in our network, and use it to broadcast effective messaging! Our retailers love it, and we spend less time on social media than ever.

John C.

Marketing Director, NRF, Inc

What’s the state of your organization’s social media strategy?

We don't have one...

We design and implement a strategy that delivers a corporate yet personalized message through your entire network

We spend too much time and money

Our technology scales your strategy so it takes less time and resources to show a united front

Our locations are running amok!

Rein in your network and give them a hands-off solution that allows for localization/personalization along with corporate oversight

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