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Franchisee Program

We optimize each social campaign on a hyper-local level. That means each franchisee weighs in on strategy and receives social marketing that actually works.

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Franchise Development

We use strategic social marketing campaigns to generate a steady stream of qualified franchise development leads, integrated with your systems from the start.

Franchisee Program

Social media for your entire network

With our multi-location program, we create a unified and cohesive custom social media strategy that is carefully implemented across each one of your franchise locations. We become a part of your team.

Dedicated Team of Experts

Your dedicated Client Success Manager is just one call away! Your team will consist of a Client Success Manager, a Digital Ads Specialist, and a team of in-house Content Specialists.

A Consistent Social Presence

We create branded content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram specifically about your business. These posts will showcase your business, the people behind it, promotions, and services.

Advanced Paid Social Ads

Our custom advertising campaigns are tailored to your business’s needs. We create, optimize, and manage Facebook and Instagram ads to achieve your desired objective (page views, lead generation, video views, website orders, and much more).

Access To SocialModo

With 24/7 access to SocialModo, you can view real-time reports on your campaigns’ performance. Additionally, you’ll receive weekly reporting emails that are informative and easy to understand.

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Our Pilot Program is truly free, for up to 90 days.

We admit 3 new franchises into the program each month. We cover the management fees and up to $4,200 in ad spend for 90 days.

No obligations, no credit card, no catch.

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Franchise Development Program

Recruit franchisees with social media

Using powerful lead generation strategies, our experienced team of franchise marketers deliver quality leads in real-time. With robust advertising tools at our disposal, recruitment of new franchisees through social will become your go-to strategy.

Geographically Focused

It’s simple – you tell us where you want your next franchise locations and we target our ads there. Using advanced analytics, our team is able to determine the viability of success in markets across the country.

Quality Leads

Lead generation is hit or miss. Our goal is to get you leads that actually matter. We work alongside your team to constantly adjust and optimize our lead-generation funnel.

Custom Integrations

We’ve worked with all kinds of platforms and CRM’s while delivering leads. Whether you use our dashboard or want our campaigns integrated directly with your tools, we can get it done.
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Don’t just take our word for it.

This case study showcases the power of our social marketing programs.

We’ve generated over 300k leads for an international fitness brand, with major success across the board in all metrics. Check out the case study to see how those leads convert into real business.

Interested in seeing some other brands we’ve worked with? Just reach out to our team for additional case studies!

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