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MaidPro Uses Social Media for Recruitment To Generate 50+ Job Candidates with Facebook Ads

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MaidPro came to SocialMadeSimple in need of a social media marketing program that could effectively build brand awareness, drive sales, and generate qualified job candidates for each franchisee location.

Today, we are the preferred social media vendor for MaidPro! 

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The Client

With over 200 locations across the U.S. & Canada, MaidPro is one of the largest and fastest-growing cleaning franchises in North America and is owned by Threshold Brands. MaidPro offers professional customized house cleaning and maid services!

After seeing SocialMadeSimple’s success with other Threshold Brands home services providers, such as Men In Kilts and Pestmaster Services, they came to us for a comprehensive social media marketing program. 

The Challenge

The challenge for MaidPro was to fully leverage social media to simultaneously recruit employees and generate new business, cost-effectively.

Our Solution

SocialMadeSimple has become the social media team for 13 MaidPro franchisees (& counting). We create localized strategy-driven ad campaigns on Facebook & Instagram. Additionally, we publish custom on-brand content posts across MaidPro’s social networks.

Custom Content Strategy

SocialMadeSimple posts custom content to each location’s Facebook Page 3x per week to build trust & engagement with local audiences and position MaidPro as a leader in the industry.

These social media posts are skillfully crafted, maintain a consistent posting frequency, and are continuously optimized for the best results in the form of engagement and brand awareness.

Boosted Posts

  • SocialModo turns high-performing content into boosted posts.
  • Boosted posts are served to a target audience to maximize engagement.
  • Reach an audience beyond each location’s existing followers.


  • Highlight positive client testimonials & educational tips to build credibility.
  • Call attention to MaidPro’s services, its benefits, & special deals.
  • Showcase the PROs and MaidPro’s 49-Point Checklist.

SocialMadeSimple creates, monitors, and optimizes bi-lingual lead generation ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram designed to generate leads in the form of both customers and job applicants.

By promoting a “free estimate” offer to potential customers, MaidPro franchisees generate a  consistent flow of leads in the form of sales. 

By highlighting job benefits, providing clear descriptions, and encouraging users to apply, MaidPro’s recruitment ads result in qualified job candidates. 

Recruitment Ads

  • Utilize messaging in both English & Spanish to maximize target audience reach.
  • Help MaidPro franchisees keep up with growing customer demand.

Offer Ads

  • Target users with similar characteristics as existing MaidPro customers. 
  • Call attention to MaidPro’s unique benefits – Ex. Personalized cleaning plan for each client.
MaidPro Franchise Advertising
MaidPro Franchise social media

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With 24/7 access to SocialModo, our social marketing platform, MaidPro franchisees have the ability to view and manage their content calendar, campaign stats, and aggregated messages across Facebook and Instagram in real-time. 

Each franchisee can be as hands-on or off as desired! 

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Detailed Reporting

Each MaidPro franchisee receives comprehensive reporting via analytics dashboards and emails.


Access to Support

MaidPro’s dedicated Client Success Manager is easily accessible for support or updates on campaign performance.

Connected Platforms

Schedule & publish posts to each location’s Facebook and Instagram with a single click.


Content In Advance

We send bi-weekly emails to MaidPro franchisees for feedback and revisions to ensure all content exceeds expectations.

MaidPro Performance Results

Today, SocialMadeSimple is the social media team for 13 locations (& counting) and is MaidPro’s preferred social media vendor.

Here’s a peek at total performance results from their first 90 days!

Total Impressions

Total Recruitment Leads

Average Cost Per Lead

Total Reach

Total Sales Leads

Boosted Post Engagements

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