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Versa Lift's Social Media Campaigns Reach Over 2 Million Users on Facebook & Instagram

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Versa Lift by Byers Products Group is one of the best home storage systems on the market and has been driving results with SocialMadeSimple since 2018.


The client needed a social marketing program that, above all else, focused on increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, and building engagement to generate new customers.

How We Do It

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Social Media Advertising

SocialMadeSimple’s custom advertising campaigns are tailored to Versa Lift’s needs. We create, optimize, and manage Facebook and Instagram ads to achieve the desired objectives – website visits, new customers, & greater brand exposure! 

Consistent Social Presence

We create branded content on Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter specifically about the business. These posts showcase products, customer benefits, & more.


With 24/7 access to the SocialMadeSimple platform, SocialModo, Versa Lift views real-time reports on campaign performance. They can approve content, access support via a dedicated Client Success Manager, & the list goes on!

Social Media Advertising Strategy

By blending a data-backed strategy around paid social media advertising, reaching the client’s marketing personas, and producing world-class creative, SocialMadeSimple provides Versa Lift with a social marketing program that generates tangible results. 

SocialMadeSimple creates targeted, hyper-local Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns designed to drive web traffic to Versa Lift’s landing pages. 

Primary Targeting Parameters:

  • Ages: 30 – 65+
  • Interests: Interior Design, Renovation, Home Improvements, etc.
  • Lookalike audiences 

Other Key Target Audiences:

  • Web traffic retargeting 
  • Engaged users
  • Customer lists

 *Example of targeting parameters, not an exhaustive list

Social Media Advertising Results

Impressions (Ad Views)


Total Clicks

Custom Content Strategy

SocialMadeSimple posted custom content 3x/week to Versa Lift’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. to build credibility, showcase the brand, and position them as a leader in the industry.

These social media posts were skillfully crafted, maintained a consistent posting frequency, and were continuously optimized for the best results in the form of engagement.

Boosted Posts

  • SocialModo turns high-performing content into boosted posts.
  • Boosted posts are served to a target audience.
  • Reach an audience beyond existing followers.


  • Promote popular products.
  • Showcase strong customer testimonials.
  • Highlight key product benefits: convenience, safety, cost-efficiency, etc.

Social Media Content Results

Impressions (Ad Views)


Total Clicks

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SocialModo Analytics Page, men in kilts

With 24/7 access to SocialModo, Versa Lift has the ability to view and manage their content calendar, campaign stats, and aggregated messages across Facebook and Instagram in real-time.

Detailed Reporting

The client receives comprehensive reporting via analytics dashboards and emails.


Access to Support

Versa Lift’s dedicated Client Success Manager is available for support or updates on campaign performance.

Connected Platforms

Schedule & publish posts to the brand’s Facebook and Instagram with a single click.


Content In Advance

We send bi-weekly emails to Versa Lift for feedback and revisions to ensure all content exceeds expectations.

Performance Results Summary

Total Impressions

Total Clicks

Total Reach

Total Post Reactions

Average Cost Per Click

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