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Franchise Marketing Pilot Program Increases Web Traffic for Children's Learning Center by +300%

Franchise Marketing Pilot Program Case Study
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Gideon Math & Reading Center is a learning center franchise for children that provides an affordable, individualized, and self-paced approach to mastering the basics of math and reading.

SocialMadeSimple began a 90-day
Pilot Program with the goal of providing measurable results in the form of scheduled student evaluations & increased brand awareness across participating franchisees. 

Today, after the success of the Pilot Program, we are the preferred social media vendor for Gideon Math & Reading Center and continue to grow their success through social media.


Increase in Web Traffic

Total Reach

Scheduled Student Evaluations

Cost Per Booked Evaluation ($1,500 Avg. Customer Value)

How We Do It

Dedicated Team of Experts

Gideon Math & Reading’s dedicated Client Success Manager is just one call away! SocialMadeSimple assigns a Client Success Manager, a Digital Ads Specialist, and a team of in-house Content Specialists to learn Gideon’s brand and become an extension of their team. 

Paid Social Advertising

SocialMadeSimple’s custom advertising campaigns are built to achieve Gideon’s goals. We create, optimize, and manage Facebook and Instagram ads to meet the desired objectives – generating a consistent flow of scheduled student evaluations! 

Simplified Reporting

With 24/7 access to the SocialMadeSimple platform, SocialModo, Gideon Math & Reading Center views real-time reports on campaign performance. Additionally, they receive weekly reporting emails that are informative and easy to understand. 

Paid Social Ads

For the duration of the Pilot Program, SocialMadeSimple became Gideon Math & Reading’s social media team & executed high-performing campaigns by producing world-class creative, reaching Gideon Math & Reading’s marketing personas, and utilizing messaging that aligned with our target audiences. 

Lead Generation Ads 

Gideon’s lead generation ads are shown to targeted audiences on Facebook and Instagram, promoting Gideon Math & Reading’s free student evaluations.


Targeting Strategy

  • Interests: Kumon, Sylvan learning, Mathnasium, etc.
  • Parents with school-age children.
  • Ages: 30 – 52
  • Lookalike audiences based on website visitors, Facebook engagement, & customer lists provided by Gideon.

*This is an example of targeting criteria, not an exhaustive list. 


  • Mention pricing to drive home affordability.
  • Pivot to summer messaging for the months of May & June.
  • Primarily geared towards parents who want their kids to succeed in school & achieve high marks.
Franchise pilot program increases web traffic

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With SocialModo, SocialMadeSimple’s proprietary platform, Gideon Math & Reading Center franchsiees have the ability to view and manage editorial calendars, campaign stats, and aggregated messages across all networks in real-time 24/7! 

thatch sms analytics

Detailed Reporting

Gideon Math & Reading Center receives comprehensive reporting via platform dashboards and emails.

Connected Social Networks

Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn with a single click.

For The DIYer

Each of our clients is granted access to our platform, allowing them to post content, make edits, view reporting, and more.

Content Weeks In Advance

We send bi-weekly emails to Gideon for feedback and revisions.

Pilot Program Results

Ad Campaign Performance

Scheduled Student Evaluations

Total Impressions

Average Cost Per Booked Evaluation

Total Reach

Impact on Web Traffic


Increase in Web Traffic from Facebook

Increase in Evaluations Scheduled


Decrease in Average Bounce Rate

Increase in Average Session Duration

Where Are They Now?

Today, through the success of the 90-day pilot program, SocialMadeSimple has become the preferred social media vendor for Gideon Math & Reading Center.

The franchise continues their growth on social media in a way that is consistent, affordable, and highly effective. Here’s a peek at post-pilot results from one location!

thatch sms analytics




Estimated Revenue



Return On Investment

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