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SpenDebt is a mobile app that helps users pay off their debt every time they use their debit cards.


Being in a competitive financial sector, SpenDebt was in search of the best marketing for a mobile app. They were in need of a social marketing program that focused on increasing brand awareness and driving new users to sign up & download their app.


Successful social marketing for an app includes engaging custom content, hyper-targeted advertisements, and a team of knowledgeable marketing professionals.

Ad Impressions Per Month

Cost Per New Sign-Up

New Customers Per Month

Cost Per Click

How We Do It

Marketing for an app

Dedicated Team of Experts

SpenDebt’s dedicated Client Success Manager is just one call away! SocialMadeSimple assigned a Client Success Manager, a Digital Ads Specialist, and a team of in-house Content Specialists to learn the SpenDebt brand and become an extension of their team. 

Paid Social Advertising

SocialMadeSimple’s custom advertising campaigns are tailored to SpenDebt’s needs. We create, optimize, and manage Facebook and Instagram ads to achieve the desired objectives – app downloads & user sign-ups!

Consistent Social Presence

We create branded content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram specifically about SpenDebt. These posts showcase the business, the people behind it, promotions, and services.

Simplified Reporting

With 24/7 access to the SocialMadeSimple platform, SocialModo, SpenDebt views real-time reports on campaign performance. Additionally, they receive weekly reporting emails that are informative and easy to understand. 

Custom Content

Published Everywhere

We schedule content across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


Expertly Crafted

Skillfully crafted social media posts that build credibility, showcase application benefits, and position SpenDebt as a leader in the mobile debt management space.


Boosted To Your Audience

Our platform automatically turns our published content into boosted posts and serves them to SpenDebt’s target audience.

Marketing For A Mobile App

Paid Social Advertising

By blending a data-backed strategy around paid social, reaching the clients’ marketing personas, and producing world-class creative, SocialMadeSimple provides SpenDebt a social program that delivers results in the form of user sign-ups.


SpenDebt generates an average of 45 new SpenDebt user sign-ups per month at an average cost-per-conversion of $4.74.

Website Conversion Ads 

SpenDebt’s ads are shown to targeted audiences on Facebook and Instagram, promoting the benefits of their application.

Marketing for an app

Targeted Audiences

  • Interests (Debt, Student Loans, Car Loans, and various other finance-related interests)
  • Lookalike audiences (using existing customer data)
  • Ages (23 – 45)

The Offer

“Start your FREE trial today.” By including an enticing offer, potential customers are much more likely to click through and convert on social advertisements.

Optimized For Conversions

We implement tracking codes on SpenDebt’s website to accurately attribute website conversions. Using this information, we can create retargeting ads, lookalike audiences, and ensure the success of our campaigns.

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With SocialModo, SocialMadeSimple’s proprietary platform, SpenDebt has the ability to view and manage editorial calendars, campaign stats, aggregated messages across all networks, and much more.

thatch sms analytics
Detailed Reporting

SpenDebt receives comprehensive reporting via platform dashboards and emails.


For The DIYer

Each of our clients is granted access to our platform, allowing them to post content, make edits, view reporting, and more.

Connected Social Networks

Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn with a single click.


Content Weeks In Advance

We send bi-weekly emails to SpenDebt for feedback and revisions.

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