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Lawn Care Franchise Converts 25%+ of Leads From Seasonal Social Advertising Strategy

Lawn Care Franchise Case Study
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Weed Man Lawn Care Franchise is North America’s #1 franchise in lawn care, offering lawn fertilization, weed control, and integrated pest management services. Weed Man has been growing for over 50 years, with 250+ locations across the U.S. and Canada.


As a seasonal business, Weed Man was in need of a custom advertising solution that would drive new affordable leads year-round. SocialMadeSimple executes franchisee programs with the following goals:


Generate consistent, low-cost leads that convert & increase off-season conversion opportunities.

Total Leads Generated

Average Cost Per Lead

Total Impressions

Seasonal Advertising Strategy

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SocialMadeSimple increases Weed Man’s Facebook ad budget during peak seasons to acquire qualified leads that are ready to become immediate customers. During the slower seasons, it’s important to stay in front of potential customers to maintain and build Weed Man’s brand presence.

This allows Weed Man to acquire customers in a way that is efficient, sustainable, and affordable.

Paid Social Advertising

Lead Generation Ads

Weed Man’s lead generation ads are shown to targeted audiences on Facebook and Instagram. Targeting primarily focused on social media users interested in lawn care, landscape design, Home & Garden Magazine, etc., lookalike audiences, and more.

Target The Ideal Customer

These ads are completely customizable and make it simple for a customer to receive a quote without ever having to leave Facebook or Instagram.

No Website Necessary

SocialMadeSimple sends the lead information to the client’s email(s) and a CRM in real-time.

Weed Man Case Study Ad Example
Weed Man Case Study Ad Example, lawn care franchise, lawn care franchise marketing

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With SocialModo, SocialMadeSimple’s proprietary platform, Weed Man has the ability to view and manage editorial calendars, campaign stats, aggregated messages across all networks, and much more.

Detailed Reporting

Weed Man receives comprehensive reporting via platform dashboards and emails.

For The DIYer

Each of our clients is granted access to our platform, allowing them to post content, make edits, view reporting, and more.

Connected Social Networks

Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn with a single click.

Content Weeks In Advance

We send bi-weekly emails to Weed Man for feedback and revisions.

Weed Man Case Study
Weed Man Case Study Ad Example

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