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Flooring Installation Franchise Case Study

Franchise Marketing Case Study
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Floor Coverings International (FCI) is a manufacturer-direct flooring installation franchise with over 200 locations across North America. They needed an effective and scalable approach to social media marketing that could drive tangible results. 


As a solution, FCI participated in a 90-day Franchise Marketing Pilot Program, where SocialMadeSimple became the social media team for five FCI franchisees.  


Today, SocialMadeSimple is the preferred social media vendor for Floor Coverings International and provides services services to over 85 locations.

Total Impressions

Total Reach

Total Leads

How We Do It

Custom Content

Our team of expert content writers learn the FCI brand voice and create compelling, high-performing posts across their location networks.

Ad Campaigns

We create hyper-targeted, local ad campaigns for each franchisee to drive customer leads. We work closely with FCI corporate to ensure all ads are on-brand.

Reporting & Support

Receive a detailed breakdown of the campaigns’ progress through SocialModo. Also, the Client Success Manager is only one call away.


Receive access to our powerful platform, SocialModo, to approve and create content, track performance, manage your entire program, and more.
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Custom Content

Published Everywhere

We scheduled & posted content 3x/week across Facebook and Instagram. 

Expertly Crafted

Skillfully crafted social media posts that built credibility, displayed showrooms, and positioned Floor Coverings International as a leader in the flooring franchise space.

Boosted Posts

Our platform automatically turned our published content into boosted posts and served them to FCI’s target audience.

Paid Social Ads

SocialMadeSimple executed hyper-local advertising campaigns by producing world-class creative, reaching the brand’s marketing personas, & optimizing strategies for the best results.


Through the success of these ads, Floor Coverings International generated a consistent flow of free consultation requests & discount offers claimed.  

Lead Generation Ads 

Lead generation ad campaigns make it simple for Floor Coverings International to receive lead information in real-time, without users having to leave Facebook or Instagram.    

Targeting Strategy

  • Location-Based
  • Ages: 26 – 65+
  • Interests: Renovation, Laminate Flooring, Home Improvements, Flooring, etc.

*This is an example of targeting criteria, not an exhaustive list. 

Ad & Content Messaging

  • High-quality images of the wide selection of products & services. 
  • Family-friendly theme. 
  • Encourage audience to request a free consultation.
Flooring Franchise Social Marketing Case Study

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With SocialModo, SocialMadeSimple’s proprietary platform, Floor Coverings International franchisees have the ability to view and manage editorial calendars, campaign stats, and aggregated messages across all networks in real-time 24/7! 

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Detailed Reporting

FCI receives comprehensive reporting via platform dashboards and emails.


For The DIYer

Each franchisee is granted 24/7 access to our platform, allowing them to post content, make edits, view reporting, and more.

Connected Platforms

Schedule & publish posts to Facebook & Instagram with a single click.


Content In Advance

We send bi-weekly emails to Floor Coverings International for feedback and revisions.

Pilot Program Results

Total Sales Generated

Facebook Page Reach

Average Cost Per 1,000 Reached

Total Impressions

Where Are They Today?

Today, SocialMadeSimple fulfills social media services for over 85 FCI franchisees & is the preferred social media vendor for Floor Coverings International.

Total Leads

Total Impressions

Posts Published

Total Reach

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