2 Things To Know Before Your Franchise Uses LinkedIn For Recruitment

by Melanie Cossin | Aug 16, 2022

LinkedIn For Recruitment

LinkedIn is a social channel unlike like Facebook or Instagram. LinkedIn users typically don’t spend hours scrolling through content, like they would on TikTok.

As a business, understanding the expectations of your audience will allow you to share content that will engage and attract your prospective new hires. Here are our top 2 important things to keep in mind before your franchise uses LinkedIn for recruitment:


1. Users Want Relevant Content For Their Industry

The average LinkedIn user is either a job-seeker, connecting with others in their industry, or a business looking to hire. A user looking for a new job is more likely to engage with content relevant to their industry, like current job openings in their field, related news articles, or industry tips. If your travel company doesn’t post anything regarding travel, a potential new hire is less likely to follow your page or consider your company as an employer.

Job-seeking individuals are looking to make connections with colleagues and companies that align with their fields and interests. Posting and sharing industry-relevant content helps your company reach those you want to hire and engage them in conversation.

2. Users Want To See That You Or Your Brand Stands Out

Your company should be posting, sharing, and discussing industry-relevant content frequently in order to captivate potential new employees. Prospective new hires tend to look at a company’s most recent LinkedIn activity to obtain a first impression. This can make or break your chance at hiring the most qualified candidate. They may not even consider applying to your company if there hasn’t been a new post for a long time. Remaining a part of the conversation in your field can help your company stand out from others that may not post as frequently. That is why your franchise’s LinkedIn posts should be consistent in order to attract your ideal candidates.

Overall, knowing what your audience wants to see and how to effectively deliver on it will drive the best results for your company on LinkedIn. If you’re looking to take your franchise’s LinkedIn to the next level, our experts at SocialMadeSimple can help get you started!


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