Creating A Content Strategy: Ads, Boosts, and Organic Posts… Oh My!

by | Sep 20, 2019

Creating A Content Strategy: Ads, Boosts, and Organic Posts… Oh My!, Social media strategy whiteboard

You’ve done your research, gathered collateral, and now you’re finally ready to tackle a social media strategy that works for your business. We tip our hats to you. Social media is a great way to build brand presence and credibility, while also giving your ‘bottom line’ the extra boost that it deserves! 


The downside? Well, the harsh reality is that these platforms are ever-changing. From algorithms, to reach capabilities, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have truly transformed the way that content is delivered overtime! 


How Does This Impact Paid vs. Organic Content?


Let’s start with good old-fashioned organic content, otherwise known as content that is originally created and posted to your social networks without a budget behind it. 

Once upon a time, organic reach was more than enough to get the views and engagement that propelled brands forward. However, that is no longer the case. In 2018, Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm shifted towards promoting connections between users, rather than with individual brands, leading to a deep decline in organic reach. It’s also worth noting that this is only one of the many changes that Facebook has made to content delivery throughout the years. Don’t believe us, here’s Exhibit A.


So, Is Unpaid Content Dead?


Not at all. Content will always be king because it gives brands a platform to express their message in a fun, creative, and inclusive way. In other words, because unpaid posts tend to be community-driven, they are often the culprit for keeping an audience of loyal consumers around. These posts play a crucial role in community management by improving brand presence, credibility, and even searchability. Not to mention, that engagement has allowed brands to identify, monitor, listen, and respond to the audience demographics that matter most. 

If I dare dive into the land of metaphors – let’s take a look at a good old fashioned book. The cover may be the reason why you bought it, or even picked it up for that matter. However, without a great plot, chances are you’ll leave it on a shelf – Never to open it again. And yes, you guessed it, when it comes to your brand’s social book, organic content is the plot that keeps readers interested.


Social Book Marketing


OK, So How Do I Get Users To Read My Brand’s Social Book?


This is where Boosted Posts and Paid Ads come in. If the organic section of your strategy is the plot of your book, budget-backed content is the cover creative, that more often than not, gets people interested. The best part is that you’ll have several options. Our only word of warning would be to follow Facebook’s targeting parameters to avoid discrimination.


Option A – Boosted Posts. These babies are the easiest and fastest way to ensure that your organic content reaches a broader network of people. Boosts are essentially meant to widen reach and proliferate your brand’s message across new audiences.

Then there’s option B – Ads. This version of budget-backed content is meant to encourage users to take actions that could lead to tangible conversion! Ad Campaigns also have the capability of creating a more detailed target audience. However, depending on the goal of your campaign, which can range from brand awareness to lead generation, ads will usually require more hefty budgets than boosted posts. 


As with any trade, diving into budget-backed social marketing can have its hurdles. If you create a paid-content strategy without the proper tools, understanding, and preparation, you may exhaust your resources by advertising your product or service to the wrong audience. Working back into our book metaphor, an impetuous ad campaign can be like advertising murder mysteries to businessmen who gravitate towards tech-related topics. It may not be impossible to get a conversion out of this audience, but it definitely won’t be as effective as targeting college students looking for a fun summer read!


Organic vs Paid Advertisement


Wrapping It Up!


We know that was a lot to take in, so let’s bring it full circle. In order to market your product or brand effectively, you’ll need to promote your brand’s identity, while also encouraging new audiences to take tangible actions on your service. In short, you’ll have to create a smooth blend of both organic and paid content. Our recommendation? Establish a strong brand foundation through posts that don’t require a budget (organic content). These will keep your audience interested and engaged. Then, begin to add building blocks to that foundation through budget-backed content. Ad or boost campaigns will give your brand the ability to help new audiences discover what you’re all about, which in turn may result in a bottom-line upgrade! As always, feel free to contact us if you desire a little more guidance!