How Social Media Changed The Fitness Industry

Feb 23, 2023

Social Media in the Fitness Industry

Are you logging into Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media and seeing regular people, “influencers,” and ‘gym bros’ pumping iron and sharing their workout routines? Whether you enjoy seeing this content or not, the results of this social trend are substantial! For those who are looking to improve their lives and feel better physically and mentally, these videos can be a push to make the necessary changes.

Fitness on Social Media

The beauty of being motivated by social media fitness gurus is that it’s easy to find workouts that fit your lifestyle and abilities. Seeing people who look like you, have similar schedules, and even diets like your own can be all you need to begin to enhance your healthy lifestyle. Beyond personal feelings and fitness goals, this digital trend has made it easier to advertise fitness franchises, gyms, and fitness centers. The online fitness space is also a great way to market your small business. Sharing reels and photos on your social media with your gym logo or branding is just one of the ways viral content shows its value as free advertising for your business!

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Social media has opened the door to affordable and effective marketing tactics for small businesses in the fitness space. Traditional marketing efforts can be costly and tedious for a franchise with less expendable income. One of the many perks of social media marketing is that anyone can spend as little or as much as they need, and still see results. Building off a current fitness trend is a great way to drive business and foot traffic. All this is possible without needing to leave your desk or hire expensive in-house staff.

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Social media has changed how the world views exercise and fitness. For gym and fitness franchisees, it’s a great marketing opportunity to showcase valuable content. Brand-building and growth are more easily obtainable than ever. Social media marketing is exponentially cheaper than traditional media efforts! Using free platforms and the power of sharing media to promote your business is a great way to grow your franchise with less risk or financial burden. Learn how SocialMadeSimple can give your business the push it needs to be even more successful.


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