3 Content Marketing Strategies to Use in 2023

by Connor Zielinski 

3 Content Marketing Strategies to use in 2023

With online content creation being a crucial connection between brands and consumers, it is essential to have the value and appeal of your brand shown off when consumers first engage with your brand. Initial connections are crucial, so having a good content marketing strategy can help a consumer’s first impression be positive, and brands can leverage valuable content to their advantage.

With best practices constantly changing, staying on top of trends, algorithms, types of content to create, and even when to make it can all be challenging. However, a few tips can be considered when creating content marketing strategies that will increase your brand’s social presence and become a brand-building asset. 

Here are some strategies you won’t want to miss in 2023:

1. Utilize data that is available

Analytics can be a cheat code for brands to know what their consumers want and what they like to engage with. Curating content for your target audience, and knowing what they are looking for, can help drive visibility and engagement. Keywords, post reach, and site traffic are analytics that can provide a significant advantage for managing social media and website content.

Leverage analytics tools available through social media networks or a social marketing platform like SocialModo, for example, where you can stay on top of what’s working and what isn’t.

SocialModo platform analytics

2. Have an idea where to publish your content

With so many different social media platforms to publish content on, spreading to every platform available will diminish the quality of your content. Being selective where content is posted, and even where certain types of content are posted, will allow your brand to branch out effectively and hit different audiences. Additionally, keep in mind that with each platform comes best practices unique to each one.

Stay away from one-size-fits-all content marketing strategies and optimize your posting frequency to reflect the best practices of each platform.

local social media pages vs brand page

3. Repurpose content

Much content can be produced for a one-time engagement or website traffic uptick, but the content that can be repurposed offers the most value for a brand. Knowing how to repurpose blogs, articles, and other content sources without being overused or repetitive will allow you to get every ounce of engagement without spreading your brand’s creative juices too thin.

SocialMadeSimple Facebook

Creating engaging, interactive content will allow people to find your brand and feel like they can relate to it. Incorporating your values and appeal with exciting content will attract new consumers every time. 


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