How To Generate Leads On Facebook For Your Lawn Care Business

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Are you looking to generate more leads for your lawn care business? Look no further than Facebook.

The beauty of using Facebook to advertise your business is its ability to generate sales leads effectively, sustainably, and affordably.

With lead generation ad campaigns, you can even capture leads without ever leaving the platform. But how do you ensure that your Facebook ads are generating high-quality leads?

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to creating a peak and off-peak season Facebook advertising strategy and show you the importance of organic social media in generating leads on Facebook. Plus, we’ll share real-world examples of how a current lawn care franchise is deploying these strategies today.

Read on to learn how to optimize your Facebook ads and generate leads on Facebook for your lawn care business.

Peak Season Ad Strategy

Off-Peak Season Ad Strategy

Organic Social Media

Weed Man Case Study

Key Takeaways

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generate leads on Facebook

Peak Season Ad Strategy

Let’s dive into where the magic happens. The peak season for your lawn care business is the perfect time to leverage Facebook’s ad campaigns to generate leads!

Creating a lead generation campaign and putting it on autopilot is not an option for a seasonal business. It’s important to monitor ad campaigns daily or hire an agency that can keep track of trends specific to your market.

Results of lead generation campaigns vary greatly depending on seasonality, weather patterns, market, demographics, ad budgets, & competition for ad space. To create lead generation ads that drive the best results for your lawn care business, there are plenty of moving parts to consider.

generate lawn mowing leads on Facebook

Peak Season Ad Strategy: Lead Generation Campaigns

First things first – What are lead generation ad campaigns?

Facebook allows advertisers to create ads designed to generate leads – simple as that. Customer leads, recruitment leads, you name it!

The customizable forms linked to each ad create a seamless way to collect customer information on Facebook for your lawn care business.

Lead Ad

Customized ads are shown to your target audience. 


Lead Form

User information is automatically filled based on profile. 



Once submitted, applicants can view your website. 


Receive exclusive leads straight to your inbox. 

Peak Season Ad Strategy: Setting A Budget

Try looking at lead generation campaigns as an “investment.”

Put a greater ad spend behind your ads during the peak seasons to acquire qualified leads that are ready to become immediate customers.

With your services in demand, putting a higher budget behind your ads will get you in front of more people, beat your competition to it, and result in a lower cost per lead.

Trust us, the investment will pay off once the ads launch and leads start pouring in!

  • Capture the attention of potential customers by offering hard-to-resist incentives such as a free quote or discount.

  • To effectively turn your leads into customers, it’s crucial that your sales team follows up within 24 hours of receiving the lead info.

  • Targeting: Enter the ZIP Code of your lawn care business’ service areas to reach the most qualified audience.

  • Be sure the desired action is 100% clear through the ad copy, creative, and call to action button.

Off-Peak Season Ad Strategy

During the colder months, it’s natural for a lawn care business to have an off-season. When you start to see a cost per lead increase and the demand for your services decrease, don’t panic.

Rather than focusing on lead generation, the off-season is the time of year to pivot your strategy to focus on reaching as many people as possible with your ads, generating awareness.

As a part of your seasonal strategy, reduce ad budgets and shift to a brand awareness objective when sales begin to decrease.

generate lawn mowing leads on Facebook

Off-Peak Season Ad Strategy: Brand Awareness Campaigns

Typically, brand awareness ads reach 15 people for every person reached by a lead generation ad.

Brand awareness campaigns actually work together with lead generation campaigns.

When your local target audience is in demand of your services, your lawn care brand will be the first one that comes to mind.

Not only that, but you can also retarget that same audience that has already seen your brand with future lead generation ads!

generate lawn mowing leads on Facebook

Additional benefits to running brand awareness campaigns:

  • Low Cost
  • Stay Ahead of Local Competitors
  • Decrease cost per lead during peak seasons

Off-Peak Season Ad Strategy: Setting A Budget

Because the main goal of brand awareness campaigns isn’t to drive tangible sales as we see with lead generation campaigns, reducing the ad spend during the off-season (if your location has an off-season) is the key to executing a cost-efficient seasonal advertising strategy.

  • The more engaging your ad copy and creative are, the greater the chances of your audience remembering your ad!

  • Test different ad formats: Static image, video, and carousel.

  • Explore a variety of ad placements & leverage the ones that work best for your brand: Ex. Feeds, Stories, Facebook Messenger, etc.

  • Ad creative: Use on-brand imagery/graphics that showcase the best parts of your lawn care services and brand.

All Season: Organic Social Media Strategy

A paid social media advertising strategy can only get you so far without a stable organic social media presence.

Ad campaigns generate leads on Facebook for lawn care businesses, but your organic Facebook presence gets those leads to stay, engage, and become active customers.

That’s why you need a healthy balance for a sustainable strategy! Try viewing your social presence the same way as your website: a platform that potential customers visit to seek information and brand validation.

Foundational Best Practices

1. Posting Frequency: Publish on-brand content posts at least three times per week. Avoid irritating your followers with an overflow of posts every day. Aim for a consistent frequency and slowly increase the volume if your audience is engaged.

2. Ideas For Content Posts: Time to show off your skills! Explore different content ideas, see what performs the best, and build your content strategy around what resonates with your local audience. Here are some content ideas that work well for lawn care brands:

  • Client Testimonials
  • Discount Offers
  • Local Employee Highlights
  • Client Spotlights
  • Educational Tips
  • Helpful Blog Posts

3. Stay Alert for Messages: Posting content organically to your Facebook Page can lead to increased engagement. Once posts are published, it’s important to monitor all inbox messages, comments, and general engagements. Promptly respond to both negative and positive engagements.

4. Introduce Your Brand: Never skip the basics! Make sure to introduce your lawn care business in the About section of your Facebook Page. Make it as clear as possible what your business is all about before the user keeps scrolling through your Page.

Weed Man: Case Study

Now that you know what goes into a seasonal advertising strategy, take a look at how we utilize this methodology to generate leads on Facebook for the largest lawn care franchise in North America.

Weed Man is the #1 lawn care franchise in North America, with 250+ locations across the U.S. & Canada.

As Weed Man’s preferred social media vendor, SocialMadeSimple executes a Facebook advertising strategy that drives a consistent flow of qualified leads (new customers & up-sells) and optimizes budgets and campaigns based on seasonality across each location.

Executing a Seasonal Ad Strategy

We execute a hyper-targeted seasonal Facebook advertising strategy unique to each location.

As Weed Man’s social media team, we constantly monitor and optimize their ad campaigns and budgets based on a variety of local factors such as seasonality, weather patterns, market, and demographics.

Average Cost Per Lead - Peak Season

Average Cost Per Lead - Full Season


Leads Turn Into Customers

Key Takeaways

  • Facebook ads can help generate tangible lawn care leads.
  • Optimize your ad objectives for seasonality & local demand.
    • Lead generation during peak seasons
    • Brand awareness during off-seasons
  • Scale your ad budgets to match seasonal business demands.
    • Increase ad spending during peak seasons
    • Decrease ad spending during off-seasons
  • Improve your campaigns by testing different offers, ad placements, & ad creative.
  • Post organic content to drive customer engagement, retention, & brand loyalty.

Free 90-Day Franchise Marketing Pilot

Facebook is a powerful tool for generating leads and growing your lawn care business.

By creating compelling content, targeting the right audience, and engaging with your followers, you can build a strong online presence and attract new customers.

However, if you want to take your Facebook marketing to the next level, consider partnering with a franchise marketing agency like SocialMadeSimple.

Our free 90-day franchise marketing pilot program is designed to help lawn care businesses like yours increase their online visibility, reach more customers, and grow their business.

With our proven social media marketing strategies and expert guidance, you can start seeing results in as little as 90 days!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your franchise marketing. Schedule a call to see the difference SocialMadeSimple can make for your business.


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