Facebook Ad Rejected? Here’s Why & How To Fix It

Sep 10, 2021 | Social Marketing: How To's

Why was your Facebook ad rejected? In another look at one of our Facebook ads training sessions, Veronica Jackson shares the steps to take if your Facebook ad was rejected (& why it was rejected in the first place).

“It’s really difficult… There’s a long list of what Facebook considers suspicious and what breaks their policy.

With Facebook Ad rejections, you’ll get an update that could say:

  • “ad can’t run”
  • “special ad category required”
  • “image is inappropriate”
  • “copy is misleading”
  • “website is misleading” 

There’s a long list of what Facebook considers suspicious and what breaks their policy. It’s intentional that the terms of the policies are left very vague. It’s helpful for Facebook to have it set that way so that they can change the rules as needed, in order to do what they need to do. It is really difficult and there are a lot of false positives on Facebook. By false positives I mean they’ll reject an ad because a bot thinks it’s an error against their policies, and then we have to submit it in for human review.

If this happens, the step to take is to submit a support ticket. To do that, start by clicking Facebook’s VIP support link and select the ad account, Facebook Page, or Business Manager that you’re having issues with. Then it will begin a chat on Messenger, as though you were messaging a friend on Facebook. Chatting back and forth with the rep about the issue, sometimes they can get it resolved and sometimes they can’t and have to escalate it up. Although, at least you still get a ticket open on the issue to get it resolved. From there, you typically receive an email in about one day or two saying that the issue has been resolved and/or has to be escalated for further review.