5 Franchise Social Media Marketing Tips For Your Service-Based Business

by | Mar 27, 2023

5 Franchise Social Media Tips

Wondering how your service-based franchise can succeed on social? Social media is an essential tool for product and service-based businesses alike because it allows you to meet your customer where they’re at on a 1:1 channel.

What should franchise social media marketing for a service-based business look like? Continue reading to learn our five tips to make your franchise’s social media stand out!


1. Identify Your Target Audience

Determining your audience’s demographics and psychographics is key to delighting customers. Other factors that play a role here include:

  • Analyzing customer data and conducting market research.
  • Choosing the right platforms.
  • Thinking about your franchise’s social media goals and how you appeal to your ideal customer.

 By identifying your ideal audience, you can start crafting custom content that’s relevant and valuable to your target audience. 

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2. Have Clear And Consistent Branding

Be sure your customers know your services by publishing concise, consistent content! Customers need to be able to build trust and resonate with your brand, and they can’t do this if they have a hard time recognizing it. Within your content, you may want to leverage videos, storytelling, and user-generated content to increase engagement!

Additionally, a special offer might add value and engage customers! Discounts and bundles entice buyers to purchase when they normally wouldn’t.

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3. Stand Out To Your Audience and Competitors

Engaging with your audience instead of just pushing content is crucial! Social listening will help you discover who is sharing, what they’re sharing, and why. It also helps you get the jump on competitors and understand your audience! This is key to understanding consumer pain points, which allows you to stand out from competitors! By observing what is working for your franchise’s social media via analytics, you gain deeper insight into what resonates with your customer!

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4. Utilize Paid Advertising

Paid advertising in franchise social media allows businesses to reach a newer, wider, and targeted audience. SocialMadeSimple utilizes lead ads through Facebook to generate consistent and quality leads. Consumers submit their information without leaving Facebook, making the process seamless and trustworthy!

FB users 2015-2020
FB users 2015-2020

Consistent, targeted social media efforts allow your service-based franchise to reach and engage potential customers. Clean, unified branding allows customers to understand what you offer, while paying attention to what your audience is saying allows you to decipher their pain points and provide value! Paid advertising should never be overlooked because it amplifies the impact of your content by attracting a wider audience. Engaging with customers and evaluating what resonates with your customers through metrics is the final step in a successful marketing plan! Optimize and adjust based on your findings, or take social to the next level with our team! 


If you’re looking for a franchise social media agency that provides a localized do-it-for-me solution, fully managing both content and ad campaigns SocialMadeSimple can help.

Schedule a call to learn how SocialMadeSimple’s content, ads, and client success teams can make social work for you! 


Client Success Stories

Pest Management Franchise Grows Organic Facebook Engagement & Generates 50 Leads in 90-Day Franchise Marketing Pilot Program

Pest Management Franchise Grows Organic Facebook Engagement & Generates 50 Leads in 90-Day Franchise Marketing Pilot Program

SocialMadeSimple became the social media team for five Pestmaster Services locations with the goal of providing measurable results in the form of new clients, an increase in brand awareness, & a stronger social media presence. Check out the case study to learn how SocialMadeSimple’s free 90-day Franchise Marketing Pilot Program drove real results for Pestmaster Services Franchise!