Recognizing the Value of TikTok – Crumbl Cookies

by Amy Oliveira | Jun 2, 2022

Recognizing the Value of TikTok

TikTok has become the fastest-growing social media network of all time, according to Inc. CEO and co-founder Jason McGowan of Crumbl Cookies recognized the value of TikTok early on and leveraged the potential to build its community of followers. Since 2017, Crumbl was built on engaging its audiences, after all the company launched by tasting test their way to the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. Today, Crumbl Cookies has become the nation’s fastest-growing cookie company in just five years. With more than 400 locations, the brand has grown rapidly thanks to its massive social media following on TikTok, with 5.3M followers to date!

Crumbl Cookies TikTok, recognizing the value of tiktok, Crumbl Cookies
Crumbl Cookies TikTok, recognizing the value of tiktok, Crumbl Cookies

“Our entire approach aligns perfectly with TikTok,” says Jason McGowan, Crumbl CEO, and co-founder. “Our rotating menu and new flavors produce content that keeps users intrigued and invested. Third-party creators then organically supplement this content with their own opinions and validation. Our top-notch content coupled with this organic third-party feedback is a compelling duo that users love to engage with.” (QSR Magazine)

Crumbl leveraged its community when customers began organically reviewing their cookies on TikTok. #CrumblReview later became the next big trend with now 367.1M views. Their weekly rotating menu, #TasteWeekly, also keeps customers coming back and engaged to see new releases every Sunday on their social media pages. 

TikTok for Business, recognizing the value of TikTok

So, what’s the secret to TikTok stardom? It’s all about creating unique and engaging content, not just another advertisement. If your brand isn’t on TikTok these days, what are your waiting for! It’s time to adopt this platform into your franchise social media marketing strategy.


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