What All Good Holiday Social Media Content Needs: 6 Tips For The Season

by Sarah Kiburz

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Seasons Greetings! The holidays are around the corner, and SocialMadeSimple wanted to share some ways you can make an impact with your content during this special time. Check out our six tips for what all good holiday social media content needs!

1. Audience Excitement

Use sharp hooks and a strong call to action to rein in the audience’s attention! Action verbs such as “Buy,” “Shop,” or “Order” paired with emotional words like “Family,” “Together,” and “Community” will pack a heartfelt punch in your caption!

2. Expand on Trust and Likability

Holiday posts are a time when you can expand on your business’s personality while speaking in a language that is easy to understand and relatable! Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and use the holiday season create content that builds trust and keeps your brand ahead of competitors.

holiday social media content, social media content

3. Connect Emotionally

The holidays are an emotional time, and people are usually in good spirits! Holiday social media content can tug on people’s heartstrings. Since people usually make purchase decisions based on emotions, reaching your audience that way could drive sales. Most of all, your content should remind people of what is truly important, i.e. spending time with loved ones. 

4. Be Timely

Don’t jump the gun or post too late- let your holiday social media content be powerful! Also staying relevant to your industry will keep your strategy on-brand and cohesive. Be mindful that not everyone celebrates Christmas, so keeping verbiage broad is the most respectful way to reach people.

holiday social media content, social media content

5. Express Gratitude

Taking the time to express your gratitude for family, friends, colleagues, employees, and customers can help your followers recognize your business’s devotion to kindness, which in turn improves your company image. Gratitude also humanizes your brand while connecting with your audience.

6. Make It Shareable

Eye-catching graphics or videos will encourage people to share your content. Insert a well-placed message that encourages people to think or feel, and you’re on your way!

holiday social media content, social media content

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We hope you’ve found these social media content tips helpful, and our team at SocialMadeSimple wishes the best for your business during the holiday season! 


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