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Organic Posts vs. Boosted Posts with Matt Krol

Oct 5, 2020 | Blog, Vlog

SocialMadeSimple’s Content Lead, Matt Krol, sits down with Business Development Associate, Ryan Chiasson, and breaks down the difference between organic social posts vs. boosted posts and why a boosted post can bring more value.

“Boosted posts definitely add value… if a page only has 40 people that like it, the organic content is limited to the 40 people that follow that page.”

Ryan: What is the difference between an organic post and a boosted post; and why does a boosted post bring more value?  


Matt: The most basic difference is you put money behind it. You put money behind a boosted post to reach farther than the audience that likes your page- or follows your page. They are definitely beneficial just to put content out to a wider audience. You can target who you want to, see the specific demographics, and things like that.

They definitely add value because if a page only has, let’s say, 40 people that like it, the organic content is kind of limited to the people that follow that page. And if they interact, then maybe their friends and followers will see it too, but it’s pretty limited as to who sees that organic content. So with a boost, you can really push it out to a much wider audience and it’s more useful for the ‘sales pitchy’ sort of post that you want to get out there to drive customers or clients. 


Ryan: Correct me if I’m wrong- then when you have a boosted post and you have a set following, that post is already going to be at the top of their feed- of the people that are already in your audience.  


Matt: Yeah, yeah. The audience is going to see it- definitely! Then it’s just going to get pushed out to a wider audience as well.