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Though Facebook is largely considered to be the most effective social media marketing platform, the emergence of LinkedIn has not only proved to be a successful networking tool but a marketing one as well. The sites “company page” feature offers similar options to facebook company page while boosting a brands exposure to the leading network of professionals.

When thinking about how to optimize the LinkedIn business service exposure, there are a few quick points to follow. It is important to maximize the space given within a page by including links to products and services, a short but thorough summary of what the company does, and compelling images and graphics that attract a potential customers attention. It is also important to make updates to the company page when any advancements or achievements have occurred within the company to ensure to consumers that everything is up to date. Arguably the most important aspect of this is capturing the exposure this page needs.

LinkedIn, similar to Facebook and Instagram operates via a news feed platform, where pages that someone follows appears on their news feed. But when someone does not follow a page, they are far less likely to be exposed to it. Therefore, it is necessary that employees and others follow and promote the page in order to increase its exposure. LinkedIn company page serves as another tool for your business to reach its consumers through a social media platform. This increases brand exposure, as well as expands the customer base.