How To Identify Your Marketing Audience

How To Identify Your Marketing Audience, Target market, target audience, trending, business

A key component of any business or social media strategy is identifying the target audience. Knowing what your ideal customer looks like can help you create content that you know they will like. 


Why Do I Need to Know My Target Customer? 


Knowing what your customer is interested in can make it much easier to provide them with valuable content. 


Consider this: 35-year-old Sally with two children, is more likely to share a recipe she likes on Facebook than 17-year-old Joe, who lives with his parents. This may seem like stereotyping, but when you have enough data that points to a specific action, you’d be making a poor business decision to not use the hard data. 


If you’re the Facebook page that posted the recipe Sally shared with her followers, your reputation and credibility just improved. And let’s face it, referrals hold more weight when they’re coming from a friend. 


If you have an engaged audience who is commenting, posting, sharing, and writing reviews, it shows that they care about your business or service. For a prospect, this could make or break a sale.”


Identifying Your Marketing Audience 

Take a look at your current customer lists to see if you can identify any trends. You want to identify the following criteria when identifying your audience personas.  


  • Age Range
  • Location of your customers
  • Gender
  • Interests


All of these customer factors will help you understand what type of content you should be creating and posting on your social media. Additionally, this audience persona can help you identify which social media networks you should be focusing your efforts on. You want to post interesting content that will be helpful, or that will increase customer engagement.


How Do I know Which Network To Focus On?


  • There are a few ways of determining which networks you should be focusing on. If you’re currently posting on multiple networks, look at how your content performs across the different networks. The way your audience engages with your content is a huge indicator of their perception of your content. 



  • Finally, at SocialMadeSimple, we manage hundreds of social media pages, and our proprietary platform offers us valuable data-driven insights into industry and network trends. You can always contact an employee at SocialMadeSimple for social media advice or recommendations.