Video marketing has always been an important component of any large marketing or advertising campaign and it is no surprise that video marketing is one of the hottest trends of 2019 in the industry. Social networks have evolved into having many different components across one singular platform. But with every new component comes a new opportunity for marketers to apply new tactics and the advent of new video features across these platforms have provided that opportunity. One of these features is the new prevalence of live video. 

Live video has provided a new marketing opportunity because it offers the chance for marketers to partner with influencers and or brands and offer an alternative to “highly produced content” (Search Engine Journal). In the last 6 or so months, much of the video content that has been produced on the internet has been formatted to be watched on a hand held device. New components like the IGTV feature on Instagram show highly produced content that is filmed with the intent of being viewed on a hand held device and companies seem to be investing more and more into this technique, known as “vertical video”. 

The challenge marketers face now is how to implement effective advertisement that is tailored to fit this new content consumption method of vertical video. Look for this trend as we go further into 2019.