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In 2019, it’s no secret that Facebook is one of the preeminent drivers of e-commerce in the entire world, as Facebook is both an extremely effective and efficient tool for driving both web and foot traffic to your business.

While you may think that advertising on Facebook is as simple as writing some words and clicking the ‘post’ button, the most successful advertisers on Facebook are actually paying Facebook to strategically place their content in front of their desired audience(s).

In this blog post, we’re going to break down the different ways you can use Facebook to help power your business.

The first method – likely the one you’re most familiar with from your personal Facebook page – is the least fruitful in commercial terms. Organic posts are precisely that: posts that you compose and are placed on the News Feeds of your followers based on Facebook’s complex algorithm. These posts aren’t productive for two main reasons. First, there is simply too much content on Facebook for everything to be shown, so Facebook places paid content much higher in the pecking order. Second, in order to maximize engagement, Facebook prioritizes content that is most relevant to each user. So, if you want to maximize your reach, that single piece of content must be tailored to the interests of all your followers.

Boosted posts are similar to organic posts in the way that they are created and posted to your page’s timeline, but differ in the way that you get them served to your target audience. You can pay Facebook directly to boost the post to your intended audience, and it will appear on their Facebook and Instagram (if you so choose) News Feed as an ad. Aside from the content itself, there are three things to consider when creating a boosted post: your budget, who you want to reach and the lifespan of the ad.

Although boosted posts are considered ads in that they are paid-for, they drastically differ from Facebook Ads. Facebook ads are created in a tool called Ads Manager that offers many more ad optimization and audience targeting options. Facebook Ads also tend to focus on web conversions, online shopping and third party applications, while boosted posts are more tailored for page engagements.  

While it may seem trivial at first, it’s vitally important for your business to use Facebook to drive your e-commerce. Be sure to consult with industry experts about how to optimize your Facebook budget and put your dollars to use!

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