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How to increase Facebook Engagement

by | Mar 16, 2020

So you have a Facebook page up and running. Maybe you even have an impressive number of likes and followers. But for some reason, when you post content, no one interacts with it. With our helpful guide, we can show you easy ways to increase your audience’s engagement with your Facebook page. 

What Is Organic Content?

Firstly, let’s go over the difference between organic and paid strategies. Organic content is anything you post without paid promotion. This means your audience will come across your content naturally. What content gets seen organically is decided on by Facebook’s often mysterious algorithms. A surefire way to make sure your content is seen by your current audience and even new followers is to promote it. With just a few dollars, you can exponentially increase who sees what you post, either by creating an ad from scratch or by boosting your existing content. 

How To Increase Facebook Engagement

Some of our strategies listed below can be done for free and can later be boosted. 

  1. Our first tip is to make sure that you are posting at the most optimal times of the day. By looking at your “insights” tab on your page manager, you should be able to deduce when your audience is most active. Those are the times when you want to be posting to make sure they see it. This guide is another great reference, as well. By following these times, you can make sure you are reaching your audience when they will see it and make sure you aren’t oversaturating your own feed. Over-posting can actually harm your engagement rate and can take away time from making quality content over quantity. 
  2. Next, mix up the kinds of things your posting. Post a lot of news articles? Throw in a video. Is there a trending hashtag or meme? Jump on the bandwagon and make it your own. Try going live during an event your holding or post pictures of successful events from the past. 
  3. Talk to your audience! There are real people behind each like, comment, and share. Ask them for their opinions or thoughts on the content you’re sharing. Invite them to introduce themselves or ask questions. And engage with them in the comments, too! They want to hear from you and know that you are also a real human behind the logo. 
  4. Don’t reinvent the wheel. If you have content that you know works well (because you made a note of it when you were benchmarking your content), don’t be afraid to bring it back out! This can also be a great opportunity to boost your posts when you see them doing well. [link to boosting posts guide] 
  5. Advertise! Want to get a specific action from your audience? Don’t be afraid to create a Facebook ad. For just a few dollars, you can dramatically increase the amount of engagement on your posts. Learn more about Facebook engagement ads: 

These are some tried and true ways we have seen work to increase engagement, but don’t be afraid to experiment! And if, at any point, this gets too overwhelming or time consuming, fill out the form below and schedule a consultation with us. We are delighted to go over your marketing goals and want to help you reach them.