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Best Practices For Communicating With Customers During COVID-19

by | Apr 8, 2020

If you’re an advertising agency, a business trying to stay afloat, or a company looking to better position themselves during Corona season, you’ve come to the right place. In all relationships, communication is key. And running a business is no different.


Let’s face it; the economy is essentially at a standstill until this epidemic gets under control. So, if you’re a business looking to resume your regular revenue-generating activities, you better be doing everything in your power to educate the public about COVID-19 prevention


By using your marketing efforts and customer base to spread an educational message, you’ll be benefiting the general public and yourself! Humans are simple creatures, and we require constant reminders before forming habits. As of right now, it’s important to drill in the prevention messaging. 


  • Stay Home
  • Wash Your Hands
  • Practice Social Distancing
  • Cover Your Cough

^^^(Repetition. See what I did there?)


Not only will you be benefiting society, but your efforts may help lead to a shorter economic standstill. Additionally, you’ll position your company as a compassionate and educated business (which we know you are). 



Update Your Website


Update your website to include general coronavirus information and information about its effects on your business. Include a banner at the top of your website or implement a pop-up when customers visit your website.


Google recommends limiting your site functionality, telling your customers what’s going on, and updating your structured data.


If you have limited product stock or you aren’t able to perform a service, tell your customers. This won’t make your business look incompetent; it will make you look human. People like to do business with people they can relate to. Also, there’s nothing worse than searching for a specific product, adding it to your cart, and later being informed that it isn’t available (talk about infuriating). Don’t be the source of this frustration!



Break Email Norms


As email marketers, it can be easy to fall into the trap of setting up complex automated informative email campaigns. Do not do this! 


Every other business with a marketing team will be blasting out regular, dry emails that discuss COVID-19. Yes, this information is crucial. And yes, it’s important to include some of this messaging in your email campaigns. But, it shouldn’t be the sole purpose of your email. Consumers are being bombarded with COVID-19 information. Give them a little taste of coronavirus messaging, but fill them up with something else entirely. 


Be creative. People have a lot of time on their hands right now. Put together a video, send over an interesting article, or just ask your customers how they’re doing. 


The most important thing is to create emails that feel personal.



Give Your Customers A Good Google Search Experience


Google is on top of its COVID-19 game! They’ve created a COVID-19 post category, so businesses can post special updates. 


Update your Google My Busines profile to reflect new operating hours, temporary closures, special messaging, and more.  Similar to your website updates, this messaging will only help your customers better understand your specific situation. 



Turn To Social Media


Yes, social media is used for a lot more than liking cat pictures and DMing your favorite celebrities.


If you own or operate a business, you’re most likely already quite active on social media. However, there is no better time than right now to engage and listen to your audience. You probably have more time on your hands, and social media usage is way up


Organic Facebook Engagement


According to data from the SocialMadeSimple platform, in March 2020, organic Facebook engagement more than doubled compared to March 2019.


Take your extra time (no commuting) to listen and engage with your audience. Reach out to customers who’ve given you positive feedback, and thank them. Respond to every single person who comments on something you do on social media. If you can’t take the time to reply to a customer, why should they take the time to engage with your content?


By listening to your customers on social media, you can improve your products, services, and even brand image



Get Personal With Your Store


Finally, if you have a brick and mortar store, add a handwritten sign to the front door. If you’re closed, provide details on your store’s status (if you’re feeling up to it, maybe add a personal phone number for customers to ask questions). 


If you’re a store operating with restrictions, add a sign to inform customers before they come inside. Remind them about social distancing or ask them to wait by the door for assistance.

Whatever the scenario, a little personal flair can go a long way. 



Need Help?


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If you aren’t a restaurant owner, we still want to help. Contact SocialMadeSimple here, and learn how we can help your business during this difficult time.