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Have you ever noticed how you change the way you speak to your grandmother vs. your peers? Why shouldn’t your digital marketing reflect the fact that different generations react, engage, and share different content from one another?

What’s the secret? Let’s break it down for you generation by generation!


Millennials -> (1981-2002) +80 million people


*TBH, Millennials have grown up with technology and therefore the world is their oyster when it comes to accessibility of different brands and consumer choices. While this makes them unpredictable, you can still count on millennials to follow trends and stay connected with your brand’s marketing efforts through the thriving online community they’ve created.

(* Millennial-speak for ‘To Be Honest’)

According to AdAge, Millennials are spending an average of 25 hours per week online and are 247% more likely to be influenced by social networks and informative content.

Take advantage of these stats and build a strong online presence for your business incorporating the latest technology trends and news into your content – did someone say drone footage?! And most importantly, make sure that all your marketing efforts can be viewed on mobile devices because – If your content was not mobile-optimized, did a Millennial even see it?

As Millennials love to be #involved, your marketing efforts should encourage user participation via comments and utilize the full potential of social media to create a buzz and keep everyone engaged.


Generation X -> (1965 – 1980) +65 million people


Often overlooked, Generation X, known as the forgotten middle child among marketers, still plays a vital role in the consumer world. They have the highest spending power of all generations but are simultaneously the most conscious about being financially responsible, and understanding these generational traits will help you effectively market to them!

This ‘work hard, play hard’ generation reacts positively to traditional, authentic, and honest marketing approaches. Meaning, it’s important to produce content that includes customer testimonials, case studies, and relevant research in order to successfully engage with them.

Generation Xers regularly access social media as 80% of this generation reports that they are on Facebook, so use your content to reinforce your brand and mission especially through platforms like Facebook and email marketing.


Baby Boomers -> (1946 and 1964) +75 million people


No one values brand loyalty and a sense of community more than the soon-to-be or already retired Baby Boomers. Still relevant to the digital world, 70% of online Baby Boomers also have a Facebook account (Globalwebidex). Discounts and limited time offer codes will appeal more to this demographic than any other, so make your content and Facebook advertising campaigns count!

Baby Boomers consume the most content whether it be through your social platforms, email marketing, or blog posts, and are more interested in learning about what your business stands for in an aesthetic manner. Is your content visually pleasing? Does it tell a story? These components are key in reaching this generation as they are also most likely to share content to their networks and thus share your business to potential new clients.

Digital marketing has an expansive influence over each generation and understanding these nuances will help you pinpoint your marketing efforts and content creation to Facebook and beyond! Time to get started? Work with professionals at SocialMadeSimple to build and manage your social media marketing!