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The trees are budding, and so are your chances of growing your business with social media.

Did you know that 90% of businesses report increased exposure from social media, and more than 50% see improved sales? Based on our experience, those finding success have a few things in common. Here are our tips for getting your social marketing in gear this spring:


1. Pull the weeds

Even if you’re not active, there’s a good chance your business is overdoing it on social media. If you run a pizza shop, you probably don’t need to be on LinkedIn unless you’re looking for franchise partners. Likewise, if you’re a lawyer, Instagram shouldn’t be high on your marketing priority list. By focusing your attention on the networks that will allow you to make the biggest impact, you’ll save time and get more from your efforts.

Not sure which networks are a fit for your business? Check out our guide below!


Which networks fit your small business?



2. Clean the soil

Hey, when’s the last time you updated your pages? Could you log into them right now if asked, or would you have to go digging for passwords? It’s time to get everything together and give all of your pages (you’re down to only a couple key networks by now we trust!) a full sweep. Here’s what you’ll want to update:

Cover Image – A great cover image is high-quality, simple, and gives fans an idea of what your business does or sells.
Logo/Profile Image – This should be a high-quality square logo, or a professional photo of you if you’re a consultant.
Category – For the networks that use categories, take the time to choose the one most closely related to what you do. A generic category will limit your exposure.
Description – Your networks are an extension of your online presence–not carbon copies of your website. Keep descriptions short and to the point: What makes you great, and why should fans work with you? Show a little personality!
Contact Information – If someone wants to get in touch with you, you’ll want it to be easy for them. Make sure your phone number and email are listed on all networks that have a space for them.


3. Trim the dead stuff

Time to do a little research – Is there anything holding back your social media success? Check your pages (as well as popular sites like Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, and those specific to your industry) for any negative reviews. If a bad review includes spam or is inappropriate you may be able to have it removed, otherwise we recommend responding to the customer publicly to showcase your customer service, and privately to offer them a solution.

While you’re at it, this is a great time to remove any posts or images from your pages that don’t represent your business well. As a general rule, if it’s not directly related to your business or industry, if it could be offensive, or if the quality (image or text) is less than top notch, you want to get it out of public view if possible.


4. Plant something new

Are you ready to start making some things happen? Professional looking pages are a great start, but to drive the results you’re looking for, you’ve got to put some consistent effort in. If you’re not a social media all-star, don’t fret. Start with a simple plan that you can commit to – whether it involves a single post per week to your pages, or a more comprehensive plan and some social advertising.

Active social pages let your fans know that you’re open, you’re up to speed on industry topics and modern marketing, and you’re available to them, which makes them more likely to buy from you. Consistent posting on social media will also help you get found more often on the web – something many businesses pay thousands of dollars for in SEO services each month!

Wish you could skip this step? Check out our easy do-it-yourself dashboard to simplify your efforts and save time, or enlist the help of our experts to handle it all for you!