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Insurance Company Generates 67 leads and grows Facebook Audience by 197%

The Client 


AAA Prescott Insurance Agency is a small insurance business in Tennessee. They recently opened and are looking for ways to grow their business. They have a Facebook page but rarely posts to it.


The Goal


AAA Prescott Insurance Agency’s goal is to attract new customers while keeping their current clients happy.


Our Strategy


  • Use Facebook Lead Generation advertisements to collect new qualified leads that are ready to move forward with AAA Prescott Insurance Agency.
  • Promote 2 Boosted custom brand posts per week on AAA Prescott Insurance Agency’s Facebook page.
  • Post 1 general industry post per week on AAA Prescott Insurance Agency’s Facebook page.


The Results


In their first two months, AAA Prescott Insurance Agency generated 67 qualified leads for an average cost per lead of $5.83.


Facebook Lead generation ad results





How Do You Know These Are Legitimate Leads?


These aren’t leads that we think might be interested in AAA Prescott Insurance Agency’s business. These are people who saw AAA Prescott Insurance Agency’s advertisements on Facebook and filled out their contact information, asking AAA Prescott Insurance Agency to contact them about their services.



Facebook Ad Example:


auto insurance, Facebook ad, lead gen


insurance agency, auto insurance, Facebook, lead generation, lead gen


Facebook lead, insurance agency, marketing



Page Growth


AAA Prescott Insurance Agency’s Facebook page grew by almost 200%!


Facebook Page Growth





Between their lead generation ads and their boosted posts, AAA Prescott Insurance Agency’s business was seen over 69,000 times.


Facebook Advertisement Impressions



What Does This Mean For Your Business?


This case study shows that social media is a serious business tool that can help insurance companies quickly generate real, affordable results.