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Measuring Your Social Media ROI

-By Raphaelle DaCosta- Social media can be a goldmine for your business, but sometimes finding a path to success can be filled with roadblocks and detours. So, which strategy delivers the best ROI and how can your business profit from its presence on social media?...

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Breaking Down Your Posting Strategy

When you are putting together a posting strategy for your business's social media accounts, its suggested that you post about 3-5 times throughout the week. Doing this will help you build a strong presence on the internet, as well as proving to your audience that your...

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Get Started on LinkedIn!

-By Robin Greenbaum- Ask not what LinkedIn can do for you, ask what you can do with LinkedIn. JFK said something like that, right? LinkedIn is often overlooked by many professionals who think the only important social networks to be active on are Facebook and Twitter....

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Social Media Cyber Security: Keep That On Lock

In February 2015 U.S. President Barack Obama referred to the internet as “the new Wild Wild West.” With loose regulation, no clear borders, and a constant fear of bandits (who will henceforth be called “hackers”) this observation isn’t far from reality. While, like in...

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Social Media Communications

Customer: Communications company Industry: Marketing & HR The Challenge: Awareness for new program The Solutions: Social campaigns and program success stories. The Results: Successful launch of new program with multiple sign ups For about a year, we have been...

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Grow likes with a giveaway campaign

Customer: Regional Adventure Vacation Resort Company Industry: Sports & Fitness The challenge: Growing likes for a Facebook page which already has thousands The solution: Giveaway campaign The results: 332 new Facebook likes We started working with an Adventure...

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Social media for real estate websites

Customer: Local Real Estate Agent Industry: Real Estate The challenge: Driving people to two separate websites The solution: Switch from Facebook Ads for Likes to Ads for Website Clicks The results: Showing ads to over 4,000 people at less than $1 per click We have...

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