-By Robin Greenbaum-

It’s almost impossible to scroll down a social feed and not see a video. Whether it’s a cat riding on a vacuum or how to make pizza bites, users are eating it up (pun intended). The usual post with an article or a link promoting a product doesn’t cut it anymore. Consumers don’t want to just be told about the benefits of the product, they want to see it. They want an experience. An exposure that makes them feel rather than see. Hopefully, businesses are noticing the growth of this content and doing something about it. However, there’s no magic equation or simple process. Brands need to use the knowledge they have on what buyers want to put together a campaign that does more than talk about their “high quality, valuable product or service.”

Now that marketers are getting the hang of paid content marketing and ways to get their content seen, with no thanks to Facebook’s mysterious newsfeed algorithm, it’s time to produce content that is worth seeing. Take a look at these 3 brands to get an idea of how you can deliver that experience to your consumers.

1. Lego

Legos- entertaining everyone’s children one block at a time. Lego’s social media accounts are filled with videos promoting new movies and objects to build. Fans are pulled into the excitement that happens after a Lego has been constructed. They want fans to experience the possibilities with their building blocks, including the idea that it’s not just about building one, but what you do with it afterwards!



2. Tyme Hair

This hair styling tool consistently shares content that demonstrates the value and the ease of use for a variety of styles. They don’t just tell potential buyers how great the product is, they show them what they can do with it. Want straight hair? They show you how. Curly hair? Don’t worry, there are videos for that too. 



3. Taco Bell

Taco Bell does a great job with user generated content. By sharing their fans’ posts, other fans are exposed to the excitement surrounding their food. One of their followers even shared his Taco Bell Promposal photo. (Let’s hope she said yes.)  Needless to say, if you check out their social media accounts, you’ll end up with an experience that has you longing for tacos.



So how can you take action on this new marketing concept? If you’re a clothing store, you may want to video various styling options for one of the pieces you sell, or if you’re restaurant, capture the spices and flavors that go into your signature dishes. It doesn’t have to be fancy or complex. Do some brainstorming- you never know what you’ll stir up!