Managing your own Facebook page seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, it can be, but first you have to understand what you’re looking at. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss the crux behind your Facebook page: Facebook Insights Explained. We’ll go through analytics terminology, and just what this stuff really means for your Facebook page.

Let’s start off with the Overview section of Facebook’s insights:

  • Total Likes: Everyone that “likes” your page.
  • Friends of Fans: The total amount of people who are connected to fans that “like” your page.
  • People Talking About This: How many people created a “story” from your page. This happens when someone interacts with your Facebook page – through a post, comment, “like,” tag, share, mention, or check-in.
  • Weekly Total Reach: The amount of people exposed to your page in any form over the week. This includes ads and sponsored stories.
  • Posts: The purple dots on the graph indicate when you’ve posted. The size of the dot correlates to the amount of posts in the given period of time.

In Facebook’s Insights Overview section, you’re also able to view insights by individual post.

  • Date: When did you post?
  • Post: What was your post? You can access the post simply by clicking on it.
  • Reach: The total number of people that saw your post.
  • Engaged Users: The total number of people that interacted with your post with a click.
  • Talking About This: (See “People Talking About This.) The amount of people that interacted with your page, resulting in a “story.”
  • Virality: The percentage of people who have created a story about your post, taken from the total amount of people who saw your post.

Next, we’ll delve into the Reach insights section.

  • Organic Reach: How many people, fans or not, saw your content in the news feed, the ticker, or directly on your page.
  • Paid Reach: The total amount of people who saw an ad or sponsored story for your page in the last 7 days.
  • Viral Reach: Everyone who saw a story about the page published by a friend. These are created by posting, “liking,” commenting, sharing, or doing another action that would lead people to your page.
  • Total Reach: The sum of organic, paid, and viral reach.
  • Unique Users by Frequency: A chart showing how many people viewed content on your page during the selected calendar week. It is sorted by the amount of times people viewed your content.

The Reach section also allows you to see who has been visiting your page.

  • Page Views: How many times your Facebook page was accessed on each calendar day.
  • Unique Visitors: The total number of individual Facebook accounts that accessed your page each calendar day.

The Talking About This insights section teaches you about how your content is spreading.

  • Talking About This: The amount of unique people that created a story about your page.
  • Viral Reach: The number of individual users that saw a story about your page that was created by one of their Facebook friends.

These insights are a great way to look back retrospectively at your page’s performance. If you’re experiencing great (or terrible) results for a particular day, you can use these insights to see why your fans responded the way they did.

How do you use these insights to improve your page? If you have any more Facebook terminology questions, don’t be afraid to COMMENT!