Understanding Generation Z and Their Relations to Brands and Social Media

Jun 24, 2022

Understanding Generation Z and Their Relations to Brands and Social Media

With the first generation born into the internet age entering the workforce, brands are taking notice of the coming dramatic shift that is upon the consumer world. Known as Generation Z, brands worldwide are predicting them to become the “most disruptive generation ever.” With a new influential consumer segment coming, it is essential to understand who makes up Generation Z and how to pivot marketing approaches to appeal to them.

Currently, Gen Z is between the ages of 10-22 years old, which will eventually translate into 40% of U.S. consumers. 20% of Gen Z identify as LGBT+, 2x more than other generations. They are looking for brands that they can trust, and they trust recommendations and reviews from friends and family, which significantly change their buying behavior. Gen Z is attracted to sustainable, genuine, and inclusive brands, as those brand values are fundamental to them. 

The standard social media platforms that have dominated the medium are slowly losing their traction with the new demographic. Gen Z is beginning to strive towards more engagement in other interactive apps, like Twitch, TikTok, and other algorithmic-based apps that can give them the content they are searching for. 66% of Generation Z use Instagram, a 26% increase over Millennials. 

Generation Z on Social Media

With this shift, it is vital to act early and effectively, as Gen Z have brands that speak to them. Making your brand more relatable will help your business in the long run and reap the benefits of a more connected demographic, showing that 2 in 3 are looking to purchase products and services through social media directly. Social media is becoming a go-to shopping outlet and the majority of Gen Z consumers are relying on social media for shopping influence. If social commerce makes sense for your business, it’s important to capitalize on this rising digital marketing trend to capture the massive audience you could be potentially missing out on.

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Staying up to date on the rising demographic is just as important, if not more, as keeping up with the latest trends. It’s important to do so in order to make sure your business doesn’t get left in an ever-changing marketing environment.


To read more about Generation Z and their relations to brands and social media, follow our sources at Marketing Dive, Forbes, Edelman, Attest, and PR Daily!


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