3 Tips to Keep Social Media Marketing Consistent Across Franchise Locations

Jun 2, 2022

3 Tips to Keep Social Media Marketing Consistent Across Franchise Locations

Franchise marketing presents a unique yet challenging opportunity for business to grow their brand online. The goal is to empower franchisees to post their own location-specific content all while maintaining brand consistency.

Here are three social media marketing tips that can help your franchise succeed:

#1 Brand Guidelines

A franchise needs to have established a clear set of brand guidelines that franchisees can follow, including logos, colors, fonts, tone of voice, etc. This helps make it easy for users to recognize the brand while keeping marketing consistent across multiple locations.

Franchise Brand Guidelines

#2 Content Templates

Similarly, providing social media templates and access to corporate-approved assets in a shared folder helps franchisees with quality content resources. For example, having branded graphically designed templates to share customer reviews makes it quick for franchises to input and share on their pages without creating it themselves.

social media content templates

#3 Post Frequency

Maintaining a consistent social media presence is key to growing your brand online but be careful to not go overboard on the volume of posts. How often should franchisees post?

A good balance is usually three posts a week! Establishing a monthly social media content calendar or posting guide will help franchisees maintain consistency.

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At SocialMadeSimple, we understand that franchisors don’t have the time to manage all their location pages on social media. For help maintaining a consistent social presence, get started with us today!


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