10 Instagram Marketing Tips You Can’t Miss in 2021

by | Jul 27, 2021

It’s not enough to just have an Instagram account. Instagram’s multiple product launches coupled with growing social media marketing trends make it essential for keeping up with best practices for success in 2021.

Watch to learn 10 Instagram marketing tips you need to know to stand out on Instagram in under 3 minutes!

1. Keep up with Stories

500 million people share Instagram stories daily.

Don’t miss out on the chance to get your content seen!

2. Instagram ads are worth your budget

$13.86 billion – 
Annual Instagram ad revenue in 2020

76% of worldwide businesses are using Instagram advertising

4.5x Higher conversion rate in ads

3. Attention E-Commerce: Create shoppable accounts

130. million 
Instagram users tap on shopping posts every month

78% of top brands have shoppable Instagram accounts!

4. Clearly identify your goals for marketing on Instagram

Educate customers

Increase brand awareness

Build online presence

Sell products directly

Drive traffic to a website

Get new leads

5. Spread knowledge to your audience!

Build your customers’ trust

Educate your audience

Prove your business’s industry knowledge

Build your brand reputation

6. Partner with influencers if it reaches your target audience

Influencers already have a large following, so this is a quick way to reach a wider audience.

Make sure the partnership is relevant to not only your target but also your product or service.

7. Videos have been trending in 2020 & beyond…

2nd most used type of Instagram ad.

27x higher engagement rate than Twitter.

8. Try out Instagram Reels!

1.2 million 
total average views.

15-second multi-clip videos.

Expand your video content.

9. Take advantage of Instagram’s new Professional Dashboard

Stay informed all from one central destination!

It’s organized.
It’s cohesive.
It makes life easier.

10. Don’t forget the hashtags!

95 million
posts are shared on Instagram every single day so don’t miss the chance to reach a wider & newer audience beyond your followers by using hashtags!