Thoughts on Working From Home with the SocialMadeSimple Team

Have you grown to love the remote work life or are you counting down the days until you’re back in the office? Listen to what the team at SocialMadeSimple has to say about their thoughts on working from home!

Ryan: What are your thoughts on working from home, and what would you like to see going into 2021?


Thoughts on Working From Home With The SocialMadeSimple Team


Taylor: Yeah, I mean I love it to be completely honest with you! I wish I was the type of person who says I miss going into the office, waking up, and driving 45 minutes to the office every day. I’m about an hour away right now from our office, so I’m happy to jump on Zoom calls all day long but I love being able to roll into the kitchen, make another cup of coffee, and just kind of kickback and relax by the fireplace, getting my work done at home.

Matt: I’m not a huge fan, honestly! I like the interaction, and even if I’m not talking to people every day I kind of just like listening to the conversation and being in an environment where I can talk.

Trevor: Honestly, I love working from home! It’s probably my ideal situation; I think I’ve always really liked it. My old internship in college, before this job, was all remote so I kind of was used to it and really liked it.

David: I believe we can’t overlook the strain that it puts on us as people. I think we’re social creatures and you can take a lot away from being in the office, being among other people, and who knows what kind of conversations you’re going to get into.

Trevor: That’s a little tough, I think, when working remotely. Where you’re just kind of isolated and can’t do much – but other than that, it’s absolutely ideal.

Ryan: I think the the biggest challenge for me has been not working past right around five o’clock. If I’m finishing things up, I feel like the biggest challenge has just been letting work be and understanding that you’ve got to walk away.

I feel like working from home, even though we’re not all seeing each other in our common areas and spaces, I think there’s still a lot of value and it’s nice that we’re all still able to connect.