How to Create Effective Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Facebook Lead Generation Ads

What Are Facebook Lead Generation Ads?

Ads that allow advertisers to generate a lead without making the consumer ever leave Facebook. Facebook lead ads are one of the most effective ways to collect consumer data because of the seamless process:

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The lead forms are highly customizable which means advertisers are given the flexibility to truly capture the type of leads they’re looking for.

It’s important to optimize for the quantity or quality of the leads you’re capturing. If you’d like highly-qualified leads, you’ll want to include lots of qualifying questions on your lead forms. If you’re simply looking for a large volume of leads, fewer questions will lead to more submissions. Often times, brands are looking for the perfect combination of affordable and qualified leads. 

To create lead generation ads that drive the best results, there are some pieces of the puzzle to consider before diving in.

2 Elements to Consider For Effective Facebook Lead Generation Ads

  1. Ad copy & creative imagery: Align strategies with objectives and goals.  
  2. Facebook lead forms: Create the most effective lead form for your target audience.

Align Ad Copy and Creative With Desired Objectives

First things first – identify your objectives. Why do you want to generate a lead? What action do you want the lead to take? Second, once the objectives are clear, think about what you want the lead to express an interest in. Create the ad copy and creative around whatever that is so that submitting a form is hard to resist. 

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Let’s say, for example, a lawn care franchise’s objective is to generate new sales and they plan to use Facebook lead generation ads to boost the volume of quotes requested. Both the ad copy and creative make their target audience want to click the ad and submit the form. The ads include ad copy that clearly states the desired action, calls attention to a discount offer, and utilizes imagery that showcases the business’s services. Sounds like a recipe for an effective lead generation campaign!

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Create Lead Forms With Your Audience in Mind

The trick to creating effective lead ads is to understand the balance between quantity and quality of leads. With the right lead generation ad, businesses can see a significant boost in leads.

The form is entirely customizable and up to 15 questions can be added, but adding too many questions will decrease conversion rates. Keep your lead form simple! Too many questions can cause users to abandon your form. While too few questions can attract lower-quality leads, so finding a balance is key for the best results.

Ask only for relevant information, clarify what the user is receiving by submitting the form, and make it as easy as possible for them to convert.   

Video Transcript

Corey: So you really just have to go through that exercise as a business when you’re building any lead strategy and make sure you have a really clear objective there.

Corey: There are 2 elements to this. The first would be standard details that are required of any ads so this is not exclusive to lead ads but that’s obviously the creative and the strategies. So targeting, ad copy, imagery, etc. I’m not just saying those need to be great, that’s obvious, but they need to be conducive for a lead strategy. Why are you trying to generate a lead? What are you hoping that the lead expresses an interest in? What copy and creative would push them towards that? So that goes without saying –  that’s the number one bullet point of any advertising strategy. But the second thing that’s often misunderstood and is not executed properly would be understanding the balance between quality and quantity of leads. Everyone would say, “I want the most leads that are most qualified”. That’s obvious, but that’s impossible. 

With that said, you need to consider things like what type of data do I want to collect for our sales team to then go execute on? Is it just name, email, and phone number? Do I need a business name? Do I need their website? Do I need to know how much money they are willing to invest in this solution? You could add a list of 30 questions that lead form, if someone submits then you have the most quality leads you’ve ever had, but you might be paying crazy crazy amounts of money waiting for that lead to come through. So finding a good balance right there is what’s challenging.  

We obviously work with a ton of businesses that keep us engaged and push us to make sure we’re executing on both sides of that spectrum as well as we can be; but it’s important that businesses go through that exercise and ask themselves, ”Do we have a target cost per lead? Is it realistic that we can hit that target CPL while also collecting all of the data that we’d like to collect?”

It’s pretty standard marketing knowledge that any time you add a new data point to any lead form, you’re going to worsen conversion rates. That’s just pretty standard almost across the board in any lead funnel. So you really just have to go through that exercise as a business when you’re building any lead strategy and make sure you have a really clear objective there.