What is JustListed.Social?

Dec 21, 2020 | Get To Know SocialMadeSimple

SocialMadeSimple owns an elite online service, also known as JustListed.Social, that enables real estate professionals to market themselves, their companies, and their services via targeted Facebook advertising. Host of the SMS Show & Business Development Manager, Ryan Chiasson, sits down with Dan Black, JustListed.Social Product Specialist, to break down exactly what JLS is, how it works, all the ways it can provide value on social media, and more!

“This company came from the real estate and mortgage worlds, so we’ve been doing this lead generation solution in the real estate world, in one form or another, for almost ten years.”

Dan: JustListed.Social is an automated lead generation solution for the real estate industry. As I said, it’s very unique in that it’s a lead-driven solution, unlike many of its competitors which are more focused on impressions and views. These are kind of less meaningful metrics as it relates to driving revenue and lead conversions. There are two main verticals, or buckets, that JLS products operate under. I’ll go over the first one which is listing ads. These advertise a specific on-market house listing via automated lead capture ad placements on Facebook and Instagram. The agents or brokerages have the choice to advertise the listing as either just listed, just sold, price change, or open house. And it’s a very simple and streamlined product in that the agent simply has to input the MLS number of that specific listing on our order form and our automation will build an ad and serve it to Facebook users that best fit our proprietary likely mover profile. And as you mentioned, this company came from the real estate and mortgage worlds, so we’ve been doing this lead gen solution in the real estate world, in one form or another, for almost ten years. So we’ve built a ton of proprietary data that we’ve used to put together so that we can most-effectively target those users who are most likely to buy or sell a home on Facebook. 

As I mentioned, we use Facebook lead capture technology which is some really awesome stuff!! Essentially what it does is that when we capture a lead, by serving them the ad on Facebook, we are able to take their validated contact information directly from their profile, pre-fill it into the lead form, and then when they do submit that, they don’t have to type out their name, they don’t have to type out their email – all that cumbersome stuff that everyone just kind of types through. All that is taken from their Facebook profile, and then emailed to our client in real time. In addition to that, we’ll also set up our clients with what we call a Campaign Status Page. Essentially that is an aggregation of all the leads we’ve generated for them just put into list-form. So it’s a simple landing page that we create that is – for the lack of a better term – it’s like an Excel sheet that we host for them that has all that confirmed contact information. 

So I mentioned that we have two main verticals; I just went over listing ads and the other one is agent ads. The technology works mostly in the same way, but rather than promoting the same listing that the agent wants to promote and generate traffic for, we are promoting their services as a whole. So that’s a great service to find prospective buyer and seller leads, just in a general sense. So we see great success with both of them! Typically, I like to suggest agencies and brokerages to buy an agent ads subscription, which will go month-to-month. As well as maybe 20, 30, or 40 pre-paid listing ads that they can just hand out to their agents as listings come on the market. So, you know, there is a little bit of overlap but there is also a bit of distinction between the two sides. 



Ryan: Yeah – definitely! I think it makes sense, especially from a brokerage point-of-view, where they’re able to manage all their listings in one convenient place. I think that really just helps them be able to scale the product even. Just talking about how they’re able to leverage everything that we’ve been doing. Like you said, it’s great with all that proprietary data that we’ve been able to use and speak on, when talking to new brokerages and even just on the singular agent level as well.