Get to Know The SocialMadeSimple Newsletter

Dec 4, 2020 | Get To Know SocialMadeSimple

Ryan Chiasson, SocialMadeSimple’s Business Development Manager, chats with Content Specialist, Trevor Cooper, about what you can find in the SocialMadeSimple monthly newsletter. From company updates to industry news, discount offers, and more!

“The newsletter isn’t an advertisement… it’s for us to tell current clients, potential clients, or anyone with interest in us about what’s really going on.”

Ryan: I think there’s a lot of value there. Specifically coming from a standpoint of the customer base that we already have, where they are able to get a glimpse into what we’re working on and it’s not just, “Hey, we’re SocialMaddeSimple, we’re a vendor that you utilize for social media marketing and advertising efforts. It’s more like, “Hey, we’re people too, we’re humans, and there are faces behind the services we provide. 


Transition: The SocialMadeSimple Newsletter with Trevor Cooper


Ryan: One of the great things about SMS (SocialMadeSimple) is that we’re all able to really have our hands in different areas of the company. Whether any side projects or just having responsibilities that are different from the day-to-day in the norm of what our role is. Trevor actually started our newsletter and started the initiative to get it kicked off. What made you want to start it and what value do you think it adds for our customer base and with trying to reach new clients?


Trevor: I’ve been super interested in email marketing for a long time and I think when I first got to the company, that was something I had talked to Corey about a lot. I said, “I really want to get into email marketing and see what that has to do. The newsletter isn’t an advertisement or anything; it’s really just an informational newsletter about what we’re doing and what’s going on. It’s really just to tell current clients, potential clients, or anyone with any interest in us about what’s really going on. It’s cool and I think it adds value because, also, if anyone is interested in the sales cycle, or anything like that, and they see it, it can kind of give them a picture of what’s going on and if they could maybe fit in with our company. It’s been awesome!