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The Value of Posting Organic Content with Content Lead, Matt Krol

Nov 19, 2020 | Social Marketing Best Practices

Watch SocialMadeSimple’s Content Lead, Matt Krol, chat with Business Development Manager, Ryan Chiasson, about posting organic content to social media and how business owners can provide their audience with more value through general interest posts.

“It’s not a sales pitch…it’s content that directly relates to your niche and provides them with valuable knowledge.”

Matt: I think organic content sort of puts a face behind the brand. Because if you’re only pushing out ads or pushing out boosted posts and you’re whole timeline (feed) is just a sales pitch, it comes off a little bit tone-deaf. You want to have those posts that, to the naked eye, don’t seem like they offer a lot of value, but it builds the brand and just rounds out the brand as a whole. 


The Value of Posting Organic Content with Matt Krol


Ryan: I would definitely agree. This comes up when I’m talking to new customer accounts and I’m trying to describe the difference between, you know, a custom branded post and general interest. With general interest, I feel like when you see a business post something that’s not associated with who they are, they’re just trying to provide value to their audience, they’re more than just a business. They’re almost in a place of empathy, where they’re really trying to care for their customer and clientele.


Matt: Yeah and they’re so useful as well. I mean, I do some of the general interest content and some of the concierge accounts are real estate agents so it’s a lot of home buying, home selling, home decor tips. I’ve learned a lot just from creating those! I’m not in the position where I can or want to buy a house right now but I feel like down the line, I’m going to be somewhat prepared just because I have that and I feel like the audience for those accounts are just a little bit more prepared all because of that general interest that isn’t a sales pitch.  

Ryan: Yeah- absolutely. And I feel like when there are so many businesses, so many pages, so many places where you can be learning information, you have to diversify in that respect. If you’re going to a business’ social media, and all you’re able to consume is just their products and services and they’re not giving you any type of added value beyond that, then it makes it extremely hard to keep your audience engaged on social media.