Black Friday Marketing Tips & Ideas 2020

by | Nov 17, 2020

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner, and if you sell anything online, then you might know this is the most wonderful time of the (sales) year! It’s safe to say this year has been anything but predictable, and this unpredictability is carrying over into Black Friday. Consumer expectations are changing, online traffic is expected to grow more than ever, and business owners need to know how to strategically increase sales this Black Friday.

This article will guide you through some of the most effective Black Friday marketing tips and ideas to drive sales.


1. Impact of COVID-19


The global pandemic has forced businesses to adjust social media strategies and consumers to spend more time online than ever. Crowds of shoppers waiting outside all night and massive lines forming outside of stores – all expected to look very different this year. Over 50% of Americans plan on ditching the typical Black Friday traditions in exchange for online shopping from the safety of their homes.


This means:

    • With most consumers planning to shop online, prepare for an extended and blurred Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend.
    • Consumers are expected to be on the hunt for deals sooner rather than later this year.
    • Expect an increased demand in “stay-at-home” goods (ex. household appliances and services, loungewear apparel, DIY products, etc.) 

Most importantly, this means it’s time for businesses to step up their online presence and get going on those Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend deals.

2. Deals, deals, deals 


At the core of Black Friday is the one thing every consumer wants  – deals! Before you go slashing prices, keep in mind not only your marketing goals but also your customer lifetime value (LTV). If you’re going to be selling at lower margins, it’s important to make sure your customer lifetime value is healthy. By comparing customer LTV with your new margins, you’ll be able to determine a more accurate return on investment. This way, you won’t be increasing costs for no reason, and can really see a positive return on your Black Friday investment.

Below are some ideas for discounts to offer your customers:

Free shipping

If you aren’t already offering free shipping, it’s a great idea to start on Black Friday. With COVID-19 creating new norms, free shipping (& great deals) has become an expectation. 


Free gift with a purchase

Offering a free gift with a minimum purchase can attract more customers and incentivize them to spend the designated minimum amount required. A helpful tip here is to offer a gift that is relevant to your niche and at a low cost to your business.


Discount off original price

One of the simplest approaches to Black Friday deals are discounts. Offering a percentage off the original price of a product or service is beneficial to increasing sales volume, especially for those customers that have been eyeing a certain product or service.



A giveaway has been proven to be an effective promotional tool for growing a customer base and brand awareness. People love free stuff!



3. Check in on your social media profiles 


It’s not enough to advertise these great deals. You need to lead traffic to an optimized homepage or social profile. Social media plays a vital role in driving traffic to your website on Black Friday, so if you know your social media accounts need some work, that’s where you will want to start before advertising your offers. These preliminary steps can include monitoring the brand’s performance of each social profile, listening to your customers, introducing your Black Friday offers, creating buzz around offers, and so on.


Yes, it might be a given that Black Friday deals should be displayed on social profiles, but some businesses forget to ensure that all profiles are consistent. Make sure all social media profiles are updated to display your Black Friday deals so that elements such as bios, links, profile pictures, banners, etc. are consistent with one another.

4. #BlackFriday

I know, I know. A social media marketing blog suggesting hashtags… typical. This is because it works! 

Again, people are on the search for one thing, and that’s deals. Make your deals visible by taking full advantage of #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday hashtags on social media (in addition to your regular hashtags). This strategy typically works best for businesses selling to a larger audience because it’s more likely that someone will search for your product under the Black Friday hashtag. Although, if you are selling niche products, try to hone in on niche hashtags that typically work best for you, as well as other trending hashtags such as #giftsforhim or #christmasgifts, for example.

5. Re-engage old customers

If you have a customer list just gathering dust in your database with past customers that haven’t engaged with your brand in a while, here is your opportunity to get them back and engaged! 

A great idea here is to send an email to old customers to announce your deals and promotions. Although, if these customers haven’t been engaging with your brand in a while, it probably means you need something a little more persuasive. An efficient tip here is to announce the deals to your old customers first and let them know they are part of an exclusive group who are seeing these deals before anyone. You’ll be surprised how far customer loyalty can take you!

6. Create a sense of urgency

Black Friday shoppers will be comparing deals across multiple vendors and have short attention spans. It’s crucial to create a sense of urgency, so customers don’t even think about leaving your website without making a purchase.

Below are some ideas for creating a sense of urgency:

  • Countdowns: use social media, email campaigns, blog posts, and your website to creatively engage your audience in a countdown to the big day.
  • Add a time limit to discounts.
  • Creative call to action (CTA) buttons: “Shop now,” “Don’t miss this,” “Limited-time offer.”
  • Keep the excitement and engagement up with sneak peeks.
  • Start earlier than competitors.
  • Flash sales.
  • Deal of the hour: special offer every hour, announced regularly on social media, to keep customers coming back.

7. Give your customers a reason to come back


Why limit the opportunities to just one weekend?! If customers are attracted to your Black Friday offers, stay connected, and give them a reason to keep coming back for more.

Below are some ideas to get you started:

  • Extend deals for a few days in order to maximize your conversions.
  • Announce a short promotion to be launched after Black Friday and extend into December. This helps keep your brand in front of people’s minds as the holidays approach.
  • Set up a Facebook pixel to build a retargeting list or email list. A Facebook pixel will allow you to track the success of your campaign, creating custom audiences based on the traffic to your website.