Thoughts on the Remote Work Life with Trevor Cooper

Oct 16, 2020 | Get To Know SocialMadeSimple

Watch Content Specialist, Trevor Cooper, and Business Development Associate, Ryan Chiasson, chat about all the good and the bad that comes with working from home. 

“Honestly, I love working from home but… some days it can be hard to differentiate your personal space and your workspace.

Ryan: I feel like working from home, even though we’re not all seeing each other in our common areas and spaces, I think there’s still a lot of value and I think it’s nice that we’re all still able to connect. 


Transcript: Thoughts on the Remote Work Life with Trevor Cooper


Trevor: Honestly, I love working from home! It’s probably my ideal situation; I think I’ve always really liked it. My old internship in college, before this job, was all remote so I kind of was used to it and really liked it. Before I just moved into a new place, I was by myself for a little while so that was tough, I think, when working remotely. Where you’re just kind of isolated and can’t do much but other than that, it’s absolutely ideal. 


Ryan: I hear that! I go back and forth. I feel like there are some days I’m very grateful SocialMadeSimple has us working from home, but I think there are those days where there is a lack of being able to differentiate your space. Being able to differentiate your kitchen table, your desk, or your bedroom from being a workspace; whether or not you have an office space when you’re working from home. There are definitely some perks to it for sure!

Trevor: At my last place, it was a studio apartment and my office was in my living room so it was super tough to separate your work life from your personal life in there. So definitely agree!