Leveraging Twitter to Connect with Customers

Oct 7, 2020 | Social Marketing: How To's

SocialMadeSimple’s Business Development Associate, Ryan Chiasson, and Content Lead, Matt Krol, sit down and share their thoughts on how businesses can use Twitter to connect with their customers. For the full interview, watch The SocialMadeSimple Show Ep. 5!

“Twitter is definitely underutilized for businesses, as customer support… it’s more conversational and less intimidating.”

Matt: I would say with Twitter it’s definitely more, like you said, short form. It’s more conversational. You want to not be clickbait-ey and things like that, but you want to grab attention because, to be honest, a lot of people aren’t on Twitter for business reasons. They’re on there for entertainment, to follow sports teams, athletes, celebrities, things like that. 


Ryan: I feel like Twitter is definitely underutilized for businesses, as customer support. Especially with us being a younger generation, being able to just go onto Twitter and have a conversation with the company if there is any type of complaint or type of communication that we want to have directly with the company, instead of doing a direct support line, I think is amazing. 

It’s amazing that we’re able to just hop onto a social media network and there’s someone designated to do that. It’s a super slept-on thing in the business world. 


Matt: Yeah – it’s way more conversational! It’s definitely less intimidating for younger generations than a company that had their customer support on LinkedIn, for example; which I don’t think anybody does. LinkedIn is a little bit more intimidating. Facebook, you know, not a lot of younger people want to go on Facebook these days. So Twitter is definitely easier to have a conversation and, like you said, those support things are so much better than sitting in a chat room and waiting, where you’re talking to a robot for five minutes and then they connect you to somebody else. It’s just easier to have a conversation.