Life of an Intern at SocialMadeSimple with Connor Hickey

Sep 15, 2020 | Get To Know SocialMadeSimple

Connor Hickey, a student at Elon University, joined SocialMadeSimple as a Marketing Intern for the summer of 2020. In this video, he sits down with Business Development Associate, Ryan Chiasson, to discuss his growth and experience at SocialMadeSimple.

Getting to work with the people who literally run the company…  that’s not something that you get oftentimes in an internship role!

Connor: “How are you going to get the most value out of your experience here? Because not only is that going to be most beneficial for me in the long run, and my business experience, but it’s also what’s going to help the company the most”, is what David, our CEO, told me. 


Life of an Intern at SocialMadeSimple with Connor Hickey


Connor: My official role when I first came into the internship was under our marketing director, Taylor Sack; and he deals with a lot of different stuff. He goes into a lot of the Facebook ads things that we do but he also produces content for the company; and a lot of it. That’s actually really important because you know obviously we do tons of content for our clients, for other companies, but in order to get those clients, we actually have to do a lot of our own marketing as well; which is something that sometimes people might overlook. So he has a lot on his plate and he has a lot of stuff that he has to get done. So I was initially kind of brought on board to help him and help limit his workload a little bit so maybe he could focus on some of his own goals in the marketing space. 


From there, it kind of branched out and I ended up doing, you know, a little bit of everything. I worked with you (Ryan Chiasson) and Dan, here and there, in sales stuff, you know, writing emails and whatnot. I worked with some of the people on the content team throughout. And then also working hand-in-hand with David and Corey on a lot of projects was super cool because that’s not something that you get oftentimes in an internship role. Getting to work with people who literally run the company. You know this is something that I actually wrote about in one of my blogs is that often times, when you think about an internship, the stigma behind it is: you’re going to be doing a lot of tedious work- a lot of monotonous stuff, that nobody else really wants to or has time for like spreadsheets and little tasks like that. I can’t say that’s not what I was expecting, but I came into the company and that’s not what it was at all.