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What Makes SocialMadeSimple Unique – Corey Cotnoir

Jul 23, 2020 | Blog, Vlog

SocialMadeSimple’s Chief Operating Officer, Corey Cotnoir, talks with Business Development Associate, Ryan Chiasson, about what makes SocialMadeSimple unique.

“We’re affordable because we’ve invested in our software to be affordable.”

The key is were affordable, and again that can feel cookie-cutter, but I think the big distinction is that we’re affordable because we’ve invested in our software to be affordable. We’re not affordable just because I say we are or we say we are.


Our pricing and what we provide for that price; we’ve had ten years to build up to where we are. It’s not like we just hired people and said, okay, this customer wants content and ads, just go do it for him and figure it out; that’s gonna leave you operationally at a place that you can’t afford to scale. You can’t provide good service and also make enough money to do that as a business, so we prioritize the efficiency behind the scenes, that scalability behind the scenes.


This leads us to a place where we revival, some of our biggest competitors in the space tend to be software, and the reason for that is our price point. You go find an agency to provide you with the same service you get from us; you’re gonna be paying them five-ten times more than you’re paying us to do that same level of service.


So it can be really misleading when you look at pricing on websites, and you look at, “we give you posts and we give you ads.” You might go elsewhere and see the same bullet points or similar price points. But, the key is what’s actually happening behind the scenes and what you’re getting within those. And, I think that’s what separates us more than anything else from our competitors.