Learn To Use Social Media To Listen To Your Customers

by | Mar 27, 2020

Learn To Use Social Media To Listen To Your Customers, marketing, social listening, target audience

Running a successful social media campaign is not an easy task. It takes time, planning, patients, creativity, and knowledge. Above all, it requires the ability to step into your audiences’ shoes to know what they’re looking for. 


For any social media campaign or business to be successful, it needs to provide the consumer with value. Your social media campaign should have a healthy combination of helpful and interesting information combined with strategic prompts asking the consumer to act. A strategic prompt that asks the consumer to act is known as a “Call To Action.” And, if executed correctly, a “call to action” will, in fact, be helpful. 


Examples of a call to action:

  • Book Now
  • Learn More
  • Call Now
  • See More
  • Watch Video
  • Sign Up

These are only a few examples of Calls to action. For a more extensive list, view this Facebook Resource


You want the call to action that you use to be a reflection of your SMART goal


Listen To Your Audience


By now, you should be posting a healthy mix of helpful, interesting, and engaging content along with action prompting content. For most businesses, this is a recipe for success. Nevertheless, every industry and business is different, and their social media should reflect that. The best way to understand your consumer base is to listen to them. Social media is the perfect platform for consumer research. 


The best way to start this research is with a social media audit. This audit can give you a solid understanding of where you stand and how your customers respond to the types of content that you’re currently putting out. 


So, what if you’ve already completed a social media audit? There are a few things you can do next. If you’ve had success with your social media in the past, do your best to replicate that success by creating similar content. Additionally, if your organic (unpaid) content has performed well, it may be time to start putting some budget behind it. 


By promoting the content that’s performed well, you can get the best material in front of new and engaged customers! 


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What If I’m New To Social Media?


If you’re new to the social media game or you’re struggling, it’s time to start throwing things at the wall (hypothetically of course) to see what sticks. 


You want to try it all! Don’t just post stock images. Post images and videos of the kid down the street using your product. Post testimonials, frequently asked questions, and instructional videos. The more different types of content you produce, the more you’ll know about your audience. It’s easy to identify your target customer, but understanding their interests and what they like to consume on social media is a different story. 


People’s Social Media Behavior Changes


Also, social media and peoples’ behaviors are not rigid. Trends change and a type of content that performed poorly in the past may be just what your audience is looking for now. Don’t be afraid to experiment. 



Charles Darwin, Adapt or Die


So, monitor your social media pages and listen to what your customers are saying. Search for your name in the explore tabs on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Heck, it may even be worth setting up Google Alerts so you can be notified anytime someone publishes something on Google about your business


Whatever you do, do not sit still. Create and listen.


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