How to boost Facebook posts

by | Mar 23, 2020

How to boost Facebook posts, image of a Facebook post about to be boosted

Advertising on Facebook is important. Not only are your promoted posts more likely to be seen by folks who already follow you, but they are also significantly more likely to be seen by brand-new followers. You will also see an increase in interaction with your posts and a spike in people following your calls to action, whether that be sharing your content, checking out your website, or buying your products. 


Post Organic Content

In order to boost your post, make sure that you have already created and posted organic content to your page. Do you have a specific piece of content you know works well? A video about your brand? Was your business featured in an article that you want your audience to see? I personally find that a post that already has some audience interaction to be the most successful when boosted. So try to find something that already has a bit of traction. 


How to Boost Your Posts

Once you have decided which piece of content you would like to promote, simply click the “boost post” button on the bottom right corner of the post. Note that not all posts are able to be boosted. You will then be prompted to refine your target audience. Ask yourself, is there a specific demographic who MUST see your content? 

Next, consider your budget. We recommend having a budget for your digital marketing goals. While organic, or non-paid content, is possible to be successful, you are much more likely to accomplish your marketing goals with as little as just a few dollars a day. 

Lastly, choose how long you would like your ad to run. Are you approaching the end of your quarter? Do you have an event coming up you want folks to attend? These are all relevant questions depending on the original goals of your post. 

Once you have reviewed and confirmed your payment, simply select “boost post” and watch your content’s performance rise exponentially. Don’t forget to keep track of your boosted post’s success by downloading any reports that Facebook automatically generates. This can help show your investors, staff, or supervisors the importance of maintaining a budget dedicated to digital marketing. 


We Can Help

And don’t be afraid to schedule a consultation with us too! We specialize in curating exceptional Facebook content and making sure your audience sees it.