Why run Facebook Ads?

by | Mar 9, 2020

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While it is possible to have a kick-ass social media strategy that is completely free, the likelihood that one person can maintain an effective strategy that accomplishes all of your marketing goals is unlikely. With Facebook’s ever-changing and mysterious algorithms, it can be especially challenging to nail down what is effective from one month to the next.

Why Run Facebook Ads?

Investing in a paid Facebook marketing strategy can be a cost-effective and results-driven way to make sure that you see the results you want, sometimes for as little as a dollar a day. It’s a guaranteed way to increase your reach, or how many people see your content on their feeds. Organic, or unpaid items, are only likely to reach about one to two percent of your fans. With paid, or promoted ads, you not only reach a significantly higher percentage of your followers, but you can also target audiences and be seen by folks who might not be following your business at all. 

Which Facebook Ad Objective Do I Choose?

According to Facebook, this process is fairly simple.  A business like yourself simply has to decide what their ultimate objective is when deciding on a marketing strategy. Is it to drive people to your website? Sell a particular product? Increase awareness about your brand? 

Next, decide who your audience is. Is there a particular demographic who must see your product? A geographic area that absolutely should come to your next event? Using Facebook’s interactive ad manager, you can hone in on exactly how specific or broad your audience is. 

Then, create your ad. Upload a design, copy a link, or write some text that you feel best accomplishes your original goal. Decide how much you would like to spend and how long you would like to run the ad, and fire away! 

Track Your Facebook Ads

Facebook does a very good job of monitoring the data from each of your paid promotions and advertisements, so make sure to download those reports to keep track of how successful your marketing strategy is. To learn more about benchmarking your Facebook page, check out our comprehensive guide

As always, here at SocialMadeSimple, we would be thrilled to discuss your marketing and Facebook ad strategy with you. Fill out the form below and tell us what your goals are, and together we can design a comprehensive plan to get you where you want to go. 

Happy advertising!